Sex Ed for 30 Year Olds #34-37 — Love Triangles

June 8th, 2011


Momoko-chan is ~amazing~.


Momoko is great. I don’t see why all shows don’t have a sex doll as a star. Lord knows that it’d do nothing but improve things like A Bridge to My Little Brother’s Underwear… and it could replace almost any character too. Momoko really was the shining star in what was otherwise a fairly dull episode. Her final segment at the end with Natsu imagining all the competitions she could have with Momoko and always somehow losing was great. This can only end in one of two ways. Either Hayao caves and gets rid of Momoko for Natsu’s sake, or a threesome.

Not that I don’t think P playing sexy doctor in nothing but an apron and a smile with taking phones on a prostitute rubber ducky has its upsides, but we barely got any of that. It’s also a little late for them to really be pushing her and Daigorou together, but they also seem to be barely half-assing that so it’s hard to tell if they’re doing anything but going through the motions. Plus, the entire sick thing was as bad and corny as these anime illnesses always are. The desert virgin lord was basically the same thing as the last three or four times he popped up too. I liked him more when he seemed to be at least semi-normal instead of screaming about ultimate virgin power every time he’s on screen.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • rufe says:

    The ED vaguely reminds me of B-gata H-kei…

    Incidentally did you finish the manga for that? I was reading it and suddenly realized it was over O_o

  • alex says:

    P-chan needs a spinoff show