Sex Ed for 30 Year Olds #30-33 — The Wild Kingdom

June 1st, 2011


Yes, P, giraffes are big.


It wasn’t bad, but I enjoyed P and Macaron randomly sexualizing the animals in various ways much more than the main parts of the episode. The over-the-top S&M trope is fairly overused in anime already and this really didn’t bring much new to the table with it. Also, having her call herself ‘Spanking’ makes the joke there about as subtle as an elephant walking on bubblewrap. Anyway, not much development this week. The gods are still forcing themselves on the pair as chaperones, but Daigoro calls in the other two to double date at the zoo, and their dysfunctional relationship leads to the suggestion of beginning with soft S&M instead of diving in to parading your pet around in little more than three inches of leather and a smile. Then the gods all go karaoking.  

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