Sengoku Maidens #11 — 20 Minutes To Get Dressed

June 13th, 2011


Girls take forever to get ready.


Really very little this week except for some pretty dumb attempts at time travel cleverness with Date stuck inside kind of a loop. Otherwise, we ended last week with the cliffhanger of Ieyasu getting the armor and ended this week with the cliffhanger of Ieyasu… putting it on. Complete with magical girl sequence. That meant that most of it was spent standing around doing absolutely nothing. Hell, Mitsuhide and Nobunaga only had about a half-dozen lines each, most of which were "Masamune!!" The rest was spent on Date simply trying to add some kind of meaningful plot in the eleventh hour. Unsurprisingly, she was unsuccessful.

I was amused by how a little barrier at the door was enough to keep Nobunaga’s troops out though. Nobunaga herself didn’t even try to knock it down either. Everybody was content to just watch grunts bounce off of it for some reason. Ieyasu apparently has an endless swarm of Hanzous too, or maybe they revealed that already and I just wasn’t paying attention. I wouldn’t be surprised. At least they managed to spell "Alert" correctly, unlike certain other shows that I could name. That’s a scary thought. This show might actually be more intelligent than something else. *shudder*

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  • Heck yea! Ieyasu taimu!

    I love ma girls bad!

    Also did you just take that many screenies or is the transform that long?!