Sengoku Maidens #10 — Incident at Honnouji

June 6th, 2011


At least it’s out of the way and they can get back to… magical armor and timetraveling cellphones. 


Meh. This episode was practically made of melodrama… aside from the random gags… but none of it was particularly compelling at all. Probably because Mitsuhide and Hideyoshi are basically joke characters with about four braincells between the two of them. Well, and the fact that it liked to cut off Mitsuhide’s brooding monologues with jokes about how Hideyoshi is hungry. That meant that most of the episode was either Mitsuhide staring into the distance as her face is dramatically lit with super dramatic music playing or people yelling at Mitsuhide for being stupid. Pot calling the kettle black here, girls.

It was far more interesting to wonder exactly why Date was so bent on pushing Mitsuhide into killing Nobunaga… whether it was to force history onto the right course or what… but unfortunately, that ended up being a distraction to let her steal the Crimson Armor. Which Tokunyan… our other mostly joke character… has decided to take by force from her at the end. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting to find out why the present-day non-samurai with a future cellphone needs magical past-armor. Not that I expect the show to ever make sense, but it’ll be amusing to see just what bizarre place they end up going with all of it. Hopefully the last battle is on the moon.

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