Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera #11 — Suddenly, Bad Romance

June 16th, 2011


Indirect kiss, and an accidental kiss… played mostly straight… Why, Brain’s Base, why?


Oh hey, there’s the last character for the OP… probably. With her 200 seconds or so of screentime. Dwarfing (M)archangel’s 10 from last week. I was wondering if Brain’s Base was just going to say screw it. The episode was fairly predictible though. Now that they’ve committed to the armageddon plot, they have to go through the motions of explaining that humans are caught in the middle, demons and angels both don’t care about them, yada yada, Harumi saaaaad. Still I could have done without seeing heaven milking souls out of butts. I thought you extracted them from the nose. It’s hard to take heaven seriously anyway when its holy maiden has a five o’ clock shadow and is bouncing kisses off of its (M)archangel’s crotch. I would have preferred watching the little fairy gyrate more.

Then the show got weird. Well, maybe not weird since the show’s always weird. Dumb. Yes. That’s the word I was looking for. The show was actually fun waaaaaay back in the initial episodes when it was random and really weird. After Enma was dosed with some hallucinogenic pollen, Harumi thought it would be a great idea to strip for him. That didn’t work, but he did headbutt her into a kiss, which Yuki saw. That was about the point where I developed a nervous twitch. Romantic drama? Really? Of all the things this show has not done well, it at least managed to steer clear from at least those particularly awful set of cliches until now. Oh well.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • DmonHiro says:

    Last charatcer from the OP… I don’t remember anyone…

    • Aroduc says:

      That could probably be more clear. The OP changes each week slightly showing the villain from this week and last, but last week, (M)archangel didn’t show up until post-credits, so I was assuming he’d be the big-bad this week.

  • Dual says:

    You took the romance part seriously? lolwat?