[C] #08 — Throw Your Shoe

June 2nd, 2011


How does one even try to commit suicide and only your shoe make it off the building?


Oh boy, yet another one of these episodes where most of it is spent with Kimimaro wandering from place to place, doing nothing but have people talk at him. At least it was a little more on-topic than the last couple weeks. On the other hand, the direction this week had a number of hiccups beyond its usual ugly CG people too. The real world started disappearing from the lack of money/future left in it, but the way they decided to show that at the start was smash cuts between showing areas filled with people and then emptied thereof. Problem being that it’s been doing stuff like that from day 1, so there’s little impact, and half the cuts were between completely different times of the day. Consistency here is key. Half of your imagery can’t just be the director wanking off and the other half meaningful.

And of course, the only meaningful thing really happened in the show’s closing minute or so when another city melted down. Most of the rest was showing people in the real world becoming increasingly depressed or literally randomly disappearing, which hardly matters when the entire city gets swallowed by a black void about four minutes later. I’m still waiting for Hanabi to become relevant to anything as well. Kimimaro acted out a little bit by burning a bag of money in the fake town square, which largely went ignored. Then both worlds began collapsing while Mikuni’s guild implemented Super Secret Awesome Plan X, warning Kimimaro to stay out of their way while he stomped his foot like a petulant child about how nobody else caaaaaares as much as he does. Still waiting on his daddy issues to be resolved as well. I can only imagine another ten minute flashback for that. Sigh.  

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  • chad001 says:

    So… aliens did it?