A Bridge to the Starry Sky #09 — Butts

June 5th, 2011


This episode had a lot of butt.


Okay, so… let’s review what happened in that one particular little segment. Hina ran away because her father was trying to trade her for an Atari 2600 (I choose to substitute my own reality to replace even worse cliches), so Little Dick invites the runaway prostitute into his room and then leaves for a moment. She sees his wet naps and decides that she smells bad. At this point, she strips naked except for her skirt and stockings (I’m assuming that she forgot to wear her panties) in order to give herself a bath. Never mind that he shirt has no sleeves to begin with. Her shirt and bra were apparently in the way of wiping her armpits. This is when Vienna Weiner walks back in, as confused as all of us, and proceeds to stand there… watching her get dressed… only after the fact noting that she has forgotten to put her bra back on.

I’d love to make a joke here about how all the weekend shows are competing for being the worst written, but Ore no Tubas is spoiling that.  Things only get worse from there, as Tiny Mancer and her father proceed to have a tug of war contest over her with both having magical flashback revelations giving them strength until Limp Sausage trips over the rope… somehow giving him super extra strength for a moment apparently… and faceplants straight into her cleavage. I want to know how they kept managing to find purchase on flat ground. Or why the entire town turned out to watch this except for his harem. Or why it was necessary for everybody to be in sumo diapers… Ayumu included. So many questions… so few answers.

At least Hina finally changed out of the street walker clothes into something that merely accentuated her cleavage by having a V neck that would have gone down past the navel of a girl with anything lower than a C cup.


Now there’s a carnival at this remote village? Uh, okay.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Supramax says:

    Yay! When’s the sequel?

  • Chen says:

    How many shots is that? This show is going to be the end of me.

  • Nanaya says:

    This is bothering me.

    “Decided to strip and take a sponge bath then forgot to put her bra back on and had no choice but to sleep together” my ass, that seems like a very direct seduction attempt. I mean, otherwise… why? Why would they have that in, it hurts my mind to even think about the stupidity involved in-series and in-production.

    I could not care less about pairings for this series if I tried, but the bad writing for this to not be some sort of plot point forces me to think it has a point. Otherwise… why? Why would they think that was a good idea to throw in? Why?

  • chad says:

    I’d say this little anime dissatisfied me..

    pff this is like ” myself,yourself ” only good at the beginning then it gets confusing
    and at the end so annoying..

    the love part is so damn useless

    an anime with a multiple heroin really sucks..