Softenni #08 — Improper Uses for Bananas

May 26th, 2011


Chitose, you do not want to fellate that banana after where it’s been.


Sigh. Poor Hanako. Forever caged. Come on, Xebec, you had the perfect opportunity to have her show up anywhere in this episode, but no. Another opportunity squandered.

The first half was pretty funny, but it really floundered at the end when it got caught up in all that unpleasant relationship drama yet again. As cute as Lizzie’s crush on Misshi is, they really need to remove all pretenses of romance from this show. That would also get rid of Leo, although his obsession with massaging everything and his magical healing touch is certainly a better use of him than cross-dressing and being Asuna’s romantic foil. He would have no idea how to please a woman like her anyway. I’m not sure anybody does.

But anyway, the first half was still decent. Misaki, the Nyantarou-obsessed last boss champion, took them through her ‘warm up’ facilities, the only one of which they managed to pass without cheating or stripping Misaki down to her cat panties was Asuna finding the ‘sweet spot’ on the electrified racket. That doesn’t even take half an entendre to get to that joke. As always, there was never enough Lizzie or Kurusu. Then Kotone thought she saw Misshi kissing Lizzie and ran off in tears. At least it looks like they’ll be just playing without her and letting her save the day at the end instead of spending an episode looking for the angsty girl. Still, episode 9 seems a little early for starting the encounter with the final boss though, unless she has a second form… or Misshi is the Post-Game boss. Or Hanako. Poor cow.

Belated edit:
I have no idea what the deal with Enma is today. By all accounts, it aired. It’s just… not showing up. I have to go out for awhile now though, so it’s going to have to wait until later tonight.


Taking on the champ.

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  • Chen says:

    “As cute as Lizzie’s crush on Misshi is, they really need to remove all pretenses of romance from this show. “

    Speak for yourself!

  • You missed the EVA parody with Chitose again.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sounds like someone jealous for not getting some from girls ~