Softenni #06 — Rival Schools

May 12th, 2011


If only one of them was Justice Academy.


Nowhere near the best episode, but still not as bad as some have been. I still don’t like the rivals much, and putting Leo Leona in drag doesn’t help either. He sucked away time that could have been spent on Lizzie’s panty-flash tennis techniques. None of the new ones were any decent either. The semi-rival to Kurusu might have had some potential just because it’d mean more screentime for Kurusu to screw with people, but she just had her serve and that was pretty much the end of that. The rest of them may as well just be completely generic background characters. I wouldn’t be surprised if we never saw any of them again.

The show did get weirdly on-topic through the start of the episode with the main pair-whose-names-I-don’t-care-to-remember actually using slice serves and positioning when playing. Misshi actually explained it and acted like a real coach for awhile, complete with corny thumbs-up. Asuna’s fighting aura was probably the highlight of that segment though. It moved things along, but it really wasn’t as engaging as the show’s been in the past. That faded quickly and by the time they reached the second match, it was clone balls vs clone Kurusu and Chitose hauling out the omega-racket… which also works against clone balls, but not straight shots. The home team got their tails handed to them off-screen mostly anyway, so… well… whatever.

And Hanako escaped again.


New kid on the block. Also bears.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • GF202020 says:

    You made a Project Justice/Rival Schools reference.


    …who was your favorite team to use?

    • Pronas says:

      allow me to indulge in your conversation and say that my team was the generic trio: batsu, that girl (sakura i think) and kyosuke.

    • Aroduc says:

      I’ll say Akira, Momo, and Hideo, but back when I played it, I didn’t have enough competition to actually have to specialize. It took me a year to even train people to use the block button in Smash Bros.

      • GF202020 says:

        I was Hideo, Hinata, and (When allowed) Hyo/(When Hyo isn’t allowed) Momo.

        It’s a shame what happened to Hyo’s Voice Actor.

        …it’s a even bigger shame what happened to the Rival Schools series.

  • Chen says:

    Damn you Aroduc for reminding me this is a thing that exists.


  • jingoi says:

    Kyosuke and Hinata.

  • Ixidor_real says:

    I only was good with Hyo…
    also Kyosuke since their movements were kind of similar :P

    pity i only played rival schools 1 and 2….

    i wonder what happened in the end :P

    • Kusano says:

      Ha, same as me who only has 1&2 because I never got a dreamcast :(. I only chose kyosuke because he looks cool and Hyo because he’s CHEAP. I actually didn’t get to play PJ, until today when my friend dug out his dreamcast. I know Momo is one cheap character, so care to shed some cheap tactics with her?_?