Softenni #05 — Leveling Up

May 5th, 2011


That poor cowlick.

FYI, MBS, the primary broadcaster for Enma for the last month took a week off for reasons that I don’t feel like looking up. That moves the primary broadcast for the show to Fridays on TBS instead, thus solving both the issue of having nothing to do on Fridays and lightening Thursdays by a show. It’s karma I tell you. The point is that Enma’s first broadcast from now on is on Fridays.


Well, better than last week’s at any rate, although they were leaning entirely too hard on Asuna’s perverted fantasies and the whole unpleasant Kotone/Liz/Misshi Missy love triangle as usual. As usual, Liz and Kurusu were criminally underused, relegated to doing ninja tricks and tongue twisters in the background. Chitose stepped up her game after being fairly dull since episode one. God only knows what she was doing licking a salamander before riding on it carrying what appeared to be Gungnir, but from the previews of next week, I don’t think it worked.

For the episode, everybody was focusing on making special moves to win the inter-school match coming up, and after Chitose came back from her initial salamander licking/training mountain retreat to inform them of their weaknesses, that too. There was also a little bit on playstyles with Liz being an ace lobber, but that was fairly brief. It does bear mentioning that the show’s art was a little more off than usual this week. Consistency has never been a strong point here and I’m willing to overlook it since there’s so much more movement and energy usually, but some looked like the artists were completely asleep at the wheel. Or somebody just pasted mouths on willy nilly with no regard to face angle.

And Hanako escaped again.


The battle rages.

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    Princess of Soft Tennis [sings OP theme].

  • Think this series will get decensored for DVD release?

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    You look like a dick head here, Asuna.