Sex Ed for 30 Year Olds #23-25 — Gender Identity Crisis

May 18th, 2011


I don’t think that’s making you look less feminine, P.


Not bad, but this episode was only a teaser of what amused me at the start of this series. It was sort of a return back to torturing Momoko, the sex doll, and all the weird sexual humor, but a lot of it was still mired in the dumb relationship stuff and generic yelly comedy that could be inserted into just about any show. Just substituting the word "virgin" for "ninja" or "pirate" or "world’s best bread baker" doesn’t make it that interesting, although I’m sure it’d spice up most Naruto episodes.

Anyway, three parts plus a very half-assed "Extra" segment about Natsu being insecure about her nipples. Watched Mitsudomoe. Been there, heard enough nipple jokes to last me a lifetime. The first part was just the couple acting like schoolkids with crushes and annoying everybody around them. The second was both Daigorou and P crossdressing in order to directly stick their mitts into the relationship but was soon distracted by the Lord of Virgins rearing his ugly head and chasing them all away from Imagawa’s apartment. They went to Andou’s instead, where the gods all revealed themselves and left, letting Imagawa gave himself a coronary when he discovered Andou’s vibrator under her bed. And here I was half-expecting a stockpile of hand-drawn homosexual fanart of him and… probably another version of himself. Also, it would seem that the vibrator is something that Q chews on. Is there anything that girl won’t put in her mouth?

Also, how weird is it that this season has multiple girls named Q whose primary actions are to gnaw on inanimate objects? Sometimes I wonder, Japan. Sometimes I wonder.

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