Sengoku Maidens #09 — Absolutely Lovely Warlords

May 30th, 2011


That’s why they’ll get blown up.


A surprisingly competent action episode of all things. Or at least it was decently animated overall, even if they did reuse half of Mitsuhide’s fight in the cold open and Nobunaga’s side was exceedingly lame. There were a lot of ugly presentation issues though. They could really figure out if they wanted to make the trio a joke or serious. First they show up with overly long introductions and get blown up for it, then Nobunaga makes Hideyoshi tickle them, then they try to kill her with impossibly large swords on springs, then they tickle Hideyoshi. At that point, the jokes stop for the rest of the episode and they all pretend to be serious… while still meowing.

Other than the fight, there wasn’t really anything else going on this week. Mitsuhide continued getting slightly crazier, I suppose, but it’s still hard to see her taking it out on Nobunaga instead of Hideyoshi. Most of it also continues to be predicated on her own screwups and lack of openness as well, so it’s hard o feel sorry for her. Besides, the seriousness in general doesn’t fit well with the show’s previous eight episodes to begin with. It also seems a little early to be kicking off the Incident at Honnouji with three or four episodes left to go, but maybe Tokunyan will steal it or something.


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  • kaon says:

    very good O.O

  • shadow says:

    and it is accion for kids