Orooro Harumi-chan Da~medame #05 — BEES!

May 6th, 2011


Goddamned bees!

I mentioned it in the Softenni post too, but since MBS took a week off from broadcasting Enma, the primary broadcast slipped a day to Fridays on TBS where it will remain for the foreseeable future.


So… bees. That steal personalities, leaving humans with simian brains and Enma as a baby. And then the ‘gentleman’ bee demon stings the breasts and butts of the females, inflating them to… large… proportions… so Enbi then uses her breasts to beat it into submission. It lost me at bees sucking things out. Japanese bees work in mysterious ways. At least nobody was helicoptering around with their new assets. Honestly, I found the bee/eight punning (the words are homophones in Japanese) in the middle there far more traumatizing. That made me groan inside and out.

Otherwise, the episode was mostly notable for doing without Enma’s stock footage attack. Enbi only involves herself when the bee seems to break his gentlemanly vow in the competition to not harm girls. Those are apparently "nice proportions." Nice proportions for what, exactly, the world may never know. I don’t think that too many girls aspire to have measurements of 200-24-200, but at least they serve as flotation devices in the event of a water landing.


Nice bloomers.

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  • Chen says:

    These are no ordinary bees, these are- OH DEAR GOD MY EYES THE GOGGLES THEY DO NOTHING.

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  • ShuffleAir says:

    So if Enma-kun is moving to Fridays? Will you be blogging Aria on Thursdays? 8D