[C] #06 — Kimimaro Continues Sucking

May 19th, 2011


Oh no! Breasts!


Well then. This episode was just about a giant ball of every single thing I dislike about the show. 95% of the episode was Kimimaro just going from place to place while other people talked at him. Not to him, at him. I can remember him actually having any lines more significant than repeating back what was just said, but with a question mark, or grunting in confusion. So… presentation was crappy from the start. Then, I’m not sure if Kimimaro was feeling too sorry for himself to actually fight or if it was because the guy’s Asset was that overpowering, but the ‘action’ this week was just a giant Alexander bot electrocuting and ripping off MSYU’s arm. Then Kimimaro finally decides to fight and… SMASH CUT. Apparently he won. Off screen. After MSYU had been brutally torn to pieces. How? Who knows! That’s even worse than the previous "Team Up, Cast Flare, Defeat Everything" approach.

It’s not like the episode’s content was strong either. Or made any progress. It was about Kimimaro’s next deal with a philanthropist who was going to beat him senseless, and that makes Kimimaro saaaaaaaaad. I don’t even think Mikuni/Kimimaro’s idea of only barely winning is a good one to begin with. Go after the evil people. I’m sure the world is full of them. Yada yada, T&A shots with Jennifer and Kimimaro looking terrified to be within a foot of breasts and encapsulated episode over with nothing accomplished. Kimimaro, meanwhile, still has no bloody stake in this or ambition whatsoever. Will they just get the reveal about his dad and Mikuni over and done with? Or make that girl relevant somehow? I’m tired of him flashing to her whenever he thinks about ‘important’ things. He’s had more meaningful interactions with the damn clown in the past month than he has her.

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    At least when Katanagatari did this, it replaced the fight with something totally awesome.

  • Anonymous says:

    This show seems to have quality spikes. We’ll get an episode or two with some exciting stuff happening, then we’ll get a few with absolutely nothing happening.

    Hopefully we’ll go back to the exciting stuff soon.