Aria TSA #05 — Back to Where We Were Before

May 12th, 2011

This week’s specialties in "How is Aria disappointing us" are Kinji just picking up Aria and running off with her… completely ignoring the gun-toting magical maniac (who politely lets them leave anyway…). Then they get into a screaming match about him taking her top off to save her life. I’d be more angry about her padded bra irradiating the cabin personally. Riko doesn’t seem to be suffering from radiation burns at least. Then they spend almost half the episode landing the oh-so-wonderful CG plane as it slowly drifts through the empty sky. The way this show abuses CG vehicles should be criminal. Aaand the episode ends with Kinji being suddenly assaulted by a proliferation of speedlines. Keep up the great animation work here, JC Staff. I can really tell how much effort you’re putting in.

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11 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Nanaya says:

    Not really sure how to feel about the animated series so far. I never found the series to be that good reading it like an action or romance/whatever series, but it’s awesome if you look at it with the attitude of ‘what more will they throw in next…’

    And IMO, these parts are weaker since Riko and Aria are more likeable when they’re not the focus of the scene (Riko spends all her time egging on the romance/comedy drama for entertainment, for example).

    Now to get coffee so I can wake up and regret posting a paragraph about this.

  • Anise_Punter says:

    “it’s awesome if you look at it with the attitude of ‘what more will they throw in next…’

    I was having this exact conversation just last week, though it was kind of just me one-sidedly typing.

    “…yeah, so there’s dracula now?”

    “…yeah so there’s crossdressing now.”

    “…yeah, I don’t even know where to begin with this one.”

    “*punts Riko*”

    • Nanaya says:

      By volume 6, I actually like Riko as a character because it’s almost like she took a look at the plot and realized she didn’t have to take it seriously. She works a lot better as a side commentator/provoker.

      Also, Reki is awesome. Kinji continually trying and failing miserably against her is the hardest I’ve laughed in this series. Go, Reki, go.

      • Twi says:

        Wellm when a green-haired loli threatens you at gunpoint for marriage, you’re kinda stuck.

  • jingoi says:

    What’s the point of censoring Aria’s flat chest?
    That’s not going to make me buy/download the BDs.

  • amyable says:

    This show is even worse than Adult Taiga Boxes While Wearing Hand Puppets. It’s almost bad enough to be hilarious (a.k.a. the Kampfer zone), but not quite. Props to anyone with the fortitude to still actually watch this. I had to finally tap out after this episode.

  • Aex says:

    Well, one of the better episodes yet. I’ll keep going with this just to see where it goes now. Figure now that Kinji isn’t being completely stupid things can only get better. Looks like next week will be all Shirayuki, so that’s a plus in my book!

  • tylon says:

    I find that the animation had rushed the ending chapter for this arc. Quite a number of explanations are being left out -> SOME HIGH_SCHOOLER IS CAPABLE OF LENDING A 737 COMMERCIAL PLANE!?
    WHY IS REKI STANDING THERE? What is the point of placing her there?

    The manga had a much better adaptation from the light novel.

    I must give credit for the last scene. The author ALWAYS leave it a cliff hanging scene… THE APPEARANCE OF KUROYUKI…

  • bigbeastboy says:

    i have to agree that this episode was rushed..not not that well developed.. but i would have to see its beta episode than episode 2 where nothing happened…

  • Sheba says:

    The censoring is really distracting in this series. If they were so worried about showing the goods or lack of, they would be resorting to camera work instead of that “YOU WANT FLAT CHEST??!!! TOUGH LUCK WE ARE BEAMING GORDON’S BATSIGNAL DOWN THERE!!!” I am not even one of the guys whining like a junkie about not having the DFC fix, it is like reading a book, where the more questionable part are scribbled all over with big, thick markers. And this is dumb.

  • Yue says:

    There’s too many inconsistencies here. If analyzed correctly:

    1. Aria shot at point-blank should be dead if we go by this shows definition of bulletproof. How did Riko snuck onto the plane anyways? [Just Cause 2]

    2. For Riko being horribly slow in her pursuit after she shot Aria means, she has really no stamina for walking or a swamp [inside a plane] hindered her on the way.

    3. Flying above the cumulunimbus clouds means that after Riko blew up a hole in the plane, Kinji should’ve been sucked out by tremendous difference in air and blast pressure.

    4. Heat-seeking missiles always have HE payload and/or fragmenting submunitions. That plane should be in smithereens or at least wingless.

    5. Considering they have 10 minutes left until they stall out of the sky, no army in the world can mobilize a make-shift but perfectly aligned VFR airfield and landing lights without machinery and geosurveyor apparatus.

    6. There was no nudity but there was still censoring. Kudaranai, that wouldn’t even be reason to purchase the Dvd when there’s practically nothing to see. lolz.

    7. A helicopter’s downwash or downward turbulence will drown out all external noise, coupled with the rotor engine. Shouting at an ascending chopper is futile.