A Bridge to the Starry Sky #08 — Pimping Ain’t Easy

May 29th, 2011


Whose harem is this again?


A garter, Tsumugi? You’re wearing a bikini with a garter? What? How does that…? What? *ahem* Anyway, the show’s laughable attempts to build up any kind of serious romance around Kazuma are… well… laughable. Madoka thinks he and Ui are an item, Ui thinks he and Hinata are an item, and Hinata’s too busy molesting his crotch with her shin and hitting on his brother to pay enough attention to keep the love heptagon going. Kazuma, on the other hand, is already clearly madly in love with Ayumu, so what’s the point?

Otherwise, too many attempts at seriousness and the girls discussing how they like Kazuma but don’t like like Kazuma got in the way of the episode being stupid. As I’ve said before, this show is most enjoyable when it’s at its dumbest, and listening to Madoka drone on and on and on, or watching Ui jealously stare at Hinata, or listening to Tsumugi wax philosophical are not a part of that. I’m also very disappointed in how tame Daigo’s daydream about Ayumu oiling up Tsumugi was, especially since reality was her teasing a popsicle right in front of him.


Hina suddenly becomes relevant for an episode.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Hayate says:

    Uh…okay…seriously…seeing these screenshots makes me think that something is up with this…whose route are they doing? oxO I’ve read this VN a few times going through different routes…most of the anime seems to be a mash up of all the routes until we hit the route fork point which was this episode…though Hina’s the next episode… >> I don’t mind…

  • Richfeet says:

    Ayumu’s just one of the girls isn’t he? It’s just odd guess. What’s the target demographic for him anyway?