The World’s Best First Love #01 — Mmmmmm…Men!

April 8th, 2011




Since I endevor to be an objective and serious blogger, I have decided to cover this in the same way that I covered Junjou Romantica years ago. I hope this is the kind of critical analysis that you have come to expect.

Honestly here. The only difference between this and the awful corny harem nonsense is that when somebody stumbles and accidentally feels the other up, it’s foreplay instead of a joke. And the aggressive character always sticks their tongue down the protagonist’s throat in the first episode. Oh yeah, and the truly godawful production. And that everybody’s chins look like they could be used to stab through iron. And it’s just three months of "I reaaaaaaaaaaally wanna do him but will he treat me right?" Oi. I like to make fun of Shaft for making all their shows look the same, but when it comes to this particular subdrama, they’re small time. This one distinguishes itself by being really really pink, apparently having two pairs, and the lead only getting felt up twice in the first episode instead of three or more times. Heck, I think Junjou Romantica had the entire cast molesting the protagonist. The restraint here must be killing Deen.

Frankly, I’m doing you a service. If you do want to look at caps, here’s the raw MPlayer screencap dump. Have fun.


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21 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • sage says:

    Kill it with Fire? That’s not enough. Gotta kill it with CAPTAIN PLANET.

  • Jack says:

    That’s exactly from the Manga. Nice to see them sticking to the manga for once.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t know about you but I’ve always enjoyed watching 2 men sticking it up each other’s rear, not in a fangirlish way ‘Kyaaaaaaa’ but more like ‘bwahahahahahaha’ so yea to me, they’re pretty good comedy shows to enjoy =)

  • Kitsu says:

    you funcking idiot!

  • Anise_Punter says:

    I look forward to Mafuyu explaining to everyone how wonderful she felt this was whenever they get around to making new Seitokai no Ichizon episodes.

  • squiggers says:

    this particular post is so good i want to do everything pictured to aroduc. ESPECIALLY the lettuce.

  • demonic_apostle says:

    “I reaaaaaaaaaaally wanna do him but will he treat me right?”–> That´s not true, they usually do it in the second episode…

  • Ravage says:

    This show seems pretty good. However, dandelions give me hay fever, so I’m not sure whether I approve of a show that glorifies them so much.

  • RestlessDreams says:

    Give the fangirls a break, the majority of anime is made for guys. The copious amounts of gratuitous fanservice, gravity defying boobs and moe blobs annoy girls, naturally. We hardly get any tasty manservice outside of stupid shows like this.

    • Aroduc says:

      But what about that barrel-chested hunk of man, Cyclops? And he’s so tortured too! Also, these bishies are so weak. Where’s the one with glasses or a monocle? Or a vampire? Now that’s mantastic.

      • RestlessDreams says:

        Cylops looks ridiculous, I’m sorry. He’s like a deformed beefcake.

        • Twirble says:

          It makes me wonder if the ratings for shojo and BL are that bad…I know Junjou Romantica did well.

  • Dem says:

    I thought it was kinda good actually. I might give it a few more eps. I never gave Junjou Romantica a chance and even after watching this I don’t want to though.

  • Jack says:

    There’s a Richard Gere vibe here…

  • U.Renko says:

    Is it me or this season really sucks?

    I kinda wish they really make some anime about cute rodents eating stuff. it would be more fun at least

  • cutemi2 says:

    good riddance, thanks to the squirrels, I don’t like YAOI either since GRAVITATION shown on Wowow

  • MisaoFan says:

    Why you don’t add the actual anime screenshots instead of crappy animal pictures ?

  • Hinano says:

    damnit I wanted to see buttsecks y u make me download

  • Twirble says:

    I thought the first episode was quite funny, your blog post was funnier though. Maybe you could right the scripts for all future BL series; the world would be better for it.