The World Og Only Knows II #02 — The Daily Duck

April 18th, 2011


Sorry, I get my duck weekly.


I question just what the hell a business called Daily Duck does. What manner of duck would need to be provided daily exactly? It also would seem to be a chain since they walked past it two or three times. Is this even a waterfowl business? Is there some kind of other duck that they provide? Daily at that? Could there be a newspaper service in Japan called the "Daily Duck"? These questions are far far more interesting than the rest of the painfully cliched and padded out episode. In a show about trying to kiss girls, a girl that wants to be more girly with nothing beyond that at all is completely phoning it in. It is amusing to watch them try to pretend like they’re being clever though.

So, yeah. Yawn. The more things don’t change, the more they stay the same. The only surprise here is that Manglobe didn’t stick an insert song into the montage. Congrats, you were only slightly less terrible than you’ve been with this show in the past. They had speedlines though (and how!) along with every other thing you’d expect, from the "cute things can be strong" speech to… surprise of surprise… both sides agreeing to coexist instead of one killing and devouring each other. Cannibalism would have improved this arc, even if it was only figurative. So would have LC dressing Keima instead of that fruity striped sweater vest. It doesn’t matter if he would have been in all red and had little fire men dangling off his arms. It would have improved things.


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    I really admire your persistence of blogging this crap :)

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    That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.