The World Glod Only Knows II #03 — Oh Boy! Recap!

April 25th, 2011


Because this show moves so fast that I can’t follow what’s going on unless they review it.


This is the character that people have been chomping at the bit for that’s supposed to save the show? Seriously? She’s so… boring. And useless. And came with a text-dump recap of the show’s entire premise, what demon hunters do, etc etc, to remind you that there’s some kind of ulterior plot behind all this, or so they would like to pretend. Oh wait, they changed a couple things slightly. That makes the other four and a half minutes totally worthwhile. Why not just make up completely new crap? At least then it’d be new and boring instead of old and boring. I think horrifically bad writing would be a good direction to take this show in. That would at least make it notable.

So, yes, I was not impressed by Haqua. She bores me and added nothing but recap and a sad sad little demon hunter who sucks at her job thus far. Maybe if Keima started beating her with a bat we would be getting somewhere. Aaaaah, the bat. Second best protagonist ever behind the claw. I miss the bat.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Aex says:

    It just goes to show how much better the manga is. Plus we all love Haqua for her “tsundere”-ness and the her bits of slap-stick, plus it’s great watching Keima completely dominate her without even trying. She also gets cuter every time she shows up; her introduction was never impressive.

    Unfortunately I doubt we’ll see Tenri/Diana this season…

  • Anise_Punter says:

    Aroduc, If years of seeing international saimoe results, two seasons of Index and one of that Index spinoff that never happened (not to mention countless Kugyu shows) haven’t taught you that people _really_ overrate generic tsunderes with varying amounts of spunk, I’m not sure you’re ever going to get it :(

    Are those boos in image 57?

  • Anonymous says:

    I see a lot of purple in this episode.

  • sage says:

    This is the character that people have been chomping at the bit for that’s supposed to save the show?

    Wait who said this again?
    Because I would have laughed at their faces if I had found about it.

  • Adam says:

    Why doesn’t The Claw have its own show…

  • ryugan says:

    filler for chihiro arc filler for chihiro arc, they must be something new in the anime, in the manga was uhm kinda short

  • iceknight says:

    I don’t understant why they always make this changes in the adaptations, there were a lot small details that were different from the manga. seriusly, the anime industry need better writes to make adaptations and of course more claws and bats

    • Takebou says:

      Some studio’s do very good adaptations from manga to anime like Studio Comet did with School Rumble but with TWGOK, it’s mostly because Manglobe takes good things and turns it into shit like what they’re doing to Deadman Wonderland right now.

      Why didn’t Bones pick DW? Why? :'(