Softenni #04 — “Nice Panties”

April 28th, 2011


Asuna is easy.

In case anybody was curious, the AT-X broadcast of last week’s episode still had the visuals censored for that one scene, but not the audio. It involved Chitose drowning in a tsunami before being saved by the salamander, so… yeah. I can imagine why that might be cut during production a month ago. Also, I find all these people whining about the censorship of hum-drum pantyshots and whatnot amusing and moronic. The best I can fathom is a bunch of Englishmen sipping brandy whilst pontificating "I cannot see the labia outlines of 13 year olds? I say, sirrah, I will have none of it. Take it away and bring me something with a firm vulva that even a Scotsman would be proud of!" That’s far more amusing than what I’m sure the sad truth is.


Meh. Maybe only every other episode will be good. Misshi takes them to a city store and they run into another soft tennis club, except that I dislike most of the new characters and the strongest ones (Liz, Kurusu, and Chitose) barely had any screen time. Even Asuna’s weird delusions were toned down too to make way for newbie Leo being really crappy and Kotone shouting without cease and trying to play up some kind of rivlary with a tomboy that is basically identical to her. The only differentiating quality is that Kotone is easy when it comes to former soft tennis stars. They could make an entire episode just about Kurusu and Liz silently screwing with people and it would be great.

Leo deserves most of my hate for the episode though. I’ve already said how out of place romantic angles are in this show, and he’s clearly meant to be some kind of parody of bad harem leads. The problem is that they usually don’t overplay him enough. Him screaming about how he just wanted to make everybody smile instead of acting as ref to call whether a ball was in or out was about where he should have been if they wanted to make him funny, but that was the exception. Almost everything else, the god thumb massage that steals innocence included, was just pure crappy harem lead sucking time and humor away from the better parts of the show.  

And Hanako escaped again.


The masks we wear.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Chen says:

    Poppycock! It is deplorable and frankly an indignation that XEBEC is refraining to demonstrate undergarment of young, nubile, imaginary women! I scoff at thee and your purported chastity!

  • sage says:

    Hanako is using technology from Aperture Science.

  • Nanaya says:

    I wish the fanbase talked like that. Then it would be fun to read their comments about series. But nooo, instead we get a dialect of goddammityouaresofuckingstupidwhythefuckareyoustillalive.

  • gesotaka says:

    Ah yes, the labia outlines, the expsosed mammaries or 13- yr old girls. That’s what makes this show worth my time good sir.

  • Mesousa says:

    I actually really liked this episode. It’s a great way to step away a little from the typical formula.

    Then again, you liked Samurai Girls’ 8th episode, which was the most absolute piece of fuckshit episode in history of forever, so…