Sengoku Maidens #04 — The Battle of Nagashino

April 25th, 2011


Weren’t there supposed to be arquebuses and cavalry here?


Not that expectations for this show ever run high, but as with last episode, the ciphers in the show remain more interesting than what’s going on in the foreground. Apparently lurky Masamune (or whoever that was) took the week off from spying on the cast and Ieyasu took over the role… lurking around… plotting… doing… whatever the hell she’s doing… but with a ninja! She does technically become Nobunaga’s successor after Akerin kills ‘her.’ Given this show being what it is though, I expect the Incident at Honnou-ji to be the Drunken Bathhouse Groping of Honnou-ji.

Anyway, even less interesting going on in this episode than usual. Nobunaga pisses off both Hideyoshi and Akerin, but since one’s a raging lesbian and the other’s an idiot, they turn that into a poorly thought-out plan to steal the armor and/or just forgetting about her broken/lost phone moments later. Hideyoshi’s attention span is not one of the wonders of ancient Japan. I’m amazed that the damn thing even lasted long enough to be fried by an electrical attack of all things. Meanwhile, Shingen and Kenshin were off doing their usual heterosexual life partner thing but needed somebody to interefere to show them that they could be making war and love. Just like Basara!

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  • 0kita says:

    Bout time that phone “died” per say

  • shadow says:

    HAAGSSSS, the episdoes are boring, is a a shoujo