Sengoku Maidens #03 — The Battle of Okehazama

April 18th, 2011


I don’t think this is how history went.


Meh. Nobunaga and Yoshimoto compete for the armor pieces via ‘recreation,’ which doesn’t even strike me as the slightest bit fair when parts of it are 3 vs 2 volleyball. Hideyoshi is already polluting the timeline too, but has yet to figure out that it could be useful to use her history books to look ahead instead of just reviewing how things are different now. It’s a shame too, because the actual battle of Okehazama is one of the more interesting battles from Japan’s warring period. Not that I expected this show to even come close to being historically accurate, but it could have/should have been a lot more than strapping Hideyoshi and Ieyasu to explosive kites.

The most interesting things going on in this episode were all incidental and didn’t actually go anywhere. Ieyasu’s on Yoshimoto’s side for the moment, and apparently some kind of mage, but she just used it once to cheat at sumo wrestling and it wasn’t seen at all either before nor after that. Similarly, Masamune (a non-dog female version) spent the entire episode lurking in the background. I expected her to run off with the armor piece at some point, but once the little kite-flying ‘competition’ (which didn’t even make sense) was over, she just left. Perhaps she and the dog are one and the same… and she’s a raging lesbian spying on them in the bath. That would certainly be… uh… something.

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Travis says:

    Okehazama had one of Nobunaga… Er, -chan’s best speeches. I’m wondering if they kept that in; from the look of it, I’m not seeing any miraculous rainstorms or drunken revelry. Too bad, really. It’s probably too much to hold out for Toriibata.

  • jingoi says:

    Is this show better than Rio?

  • kaon says:


  • Jack says:

    Damn…this was poorly written. I hope this episode doesn’t foreshadow the rest of the series. Too much yelling, meaningless questing and trying to hard to be Naga the White Serpent.

  • Anonymous says:

    I liked this ep. the most so far

  • Godslayer says:

    “Perhaps she and the dog are one and the same… and she’s a raging lesbian spying on them in the bath.”
    Damn, now I can’t unsee that. They both have same helmet design too.