[C] #03 — Daddy Issues

April 28th, 2011


Cry more, why don’t you?


Ugh. I like no direction that this episode went in at all. The biggest compliment that I can pay towards it is that the corporate overlord’s English is rather fluent. Hers… not so much. Most of the episode was spent on basically a montage and info dump by a heretofore unseen woman investigating the otherworld. A light touch is really missing here. Give only the information that is currently needed and (here’s the kicker) relevant to the characters and what is happening to them, not spew it all out and hope that some of it sticks and is interesting. I’m sure she’ll be more involved in the actual plot later, and it was better handled than Steins;Gate’s brand of info dumping, but it was still someone just listing out details about the world as they mostly went about their daily business. I think she actually spoke out loud maybe four times.

Unfortunately, all of Kimimaro’s part had next to nothing to do with the otherworld… or almost anything else from the past two episodes. It was him learning more about his father, where after learning that he was connected to the otherworld and maybe wasn’t so bad a guy, Kimi broke down sobbing. The whole thing was stilted and felt extremely machinated. Not to mention that it was boring and out of place in Pokemon Finances. Like Q, I was nodding off during that entire abysmal segment. They really desperately need to zero in on Kimimaro and stop rewriting his character every ten minutes. Also, play to your strengths. MSYU is a strength. The world is a strength. Angstiness over daddy is not. Cardboard people bouncing in a subway is also not for that matter. I’m not even sure if that was CG or just flat out terrible. Neither would surprise me.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Aex says:

    Is Kimimaro ever gonna become likeable? Right now he’s just so dumb and… boring. He’s like Kinji only even whinier! Hopefully MSYU slaps some sense into him next time…

  • Anonymous says:

    Why must every anime protagonist go through these “transformations” where they turn from a whiny and reluctant kid into a brave warrior due to their father/friend/dog dying?

    Can’t we get someone who is just bad ass and stays bad ass through?

    • Lollerman says:

      I don’t think that there is anything wrong necessarily with a character who has flaws and is reluctant to do something. After all, that’s also true in real life. The real issue I think is that the character development doesn’t create the bad-ass you’re looking for, but ends up with some weird hybrid who is not all that likeable, such as Kimimaro right now.

      And I agree. The whole thing with his dad felt like such an asspull. Not to mention the fact that if you look at the numbers, they quickly ran into the hundreds of millions. 300 million yen translates to roughly 3.6 million US. If that’s all non-taxable, then Kimi’s dad earned way more than needed. There’s definitely this strange disconnect going on, too.

      • EXM says:

        A character with flaws isn’t exactly an entertaining character.

        • Aroduc says:

          Flaws aren’t the problem. Massively inconsistentency in presentation and a lack of otherwise redeeming qualities are.