Aria The Scarlet Ammo #03 — Camera Angles

April 28th, 2011


Great focus here, JCStaff.


I was intending to just include this as a sidenote to another post, but since time dragged on and the other shows are slow to appear today, I ended up turning the episode on and sort of half-paying attention to it while I went back to grading papers. And since I’m sick of that and forgot to turn off MPlayer’s automatic capping… well… here we are. It was either this, or Kitchen Nightmares.

On the upside, something happened this week in the second half of the episode, but that something ended up just being an SMG tied to a sports car with a bomb instead of segways leading to a long, dull CG vehicle chase punctuated by the Kinji and Aria doing little useful after catching up and then getting shot. …Apparently by rubber bullets given how little harm seems to have been actually done to people by getting mown down.

The first half is hardly even worth mentioning… so I won’t.

Also, the last time I think I saw a shot like this was Koi Koi 7, but that’s probably only because they don’t let the women in HSotD actually use guns.


So shiny.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Aex says:

    Last episode of Kinji being a complete dumbass!! w00t!!

    Next time: something actually starts!

  • Anonymous says:

    I think there was a shot in HSotD with medics sniper friend

  • The Deviant says:

    little girls with guns! Oh joy!

  • Wilfriback says:

    To scene to other there was some difference on animation as if different times did the animation…

  • Anonymous says:

    Cg segways with uzis were better.

  • Anonymous says:

    The butei uniforms are *supposedly* bulletproof if you’re wondering why no one was bleeding besides the driver.

  • dh19440113 says:

    The helicopter scene was unrealistic the weapon used was ishmash dragonov svd chambered for 7.62×54 Rimmed. The scope used was a IOR PSO-1 scope.
    The problem of the scen is the fact that when you shoot from a helo, you lag your shot by first firing to estimate the minite of lag from crosshair, then you compensate the lag and aim for the target.
    Secondly, the target is on a bridge and there is no way the helo is within 100 meter of the target. Since PSO scope is not aligned with the barrel she would have to use the teardrop on the left to compensate for the cosine relationship between scope and barrel.

    for example, if the distance was 200 meters, then you aim the bomb at the 2 teardrop position. If the bus is faster you lead by a few mm and if the helo is faster you lag the scope by a few mm.