xxxHOLiC Rou – Selfish Dream — Brought To You By Tobacco

March 13th, 2011



Friendly reminder. Japan doesn’t observe DST, so with the hour change, everything is effectively pushed back an hour. Adjust your brains accordingly.


Honestly, about 90% of the reason I pay attention to these HOLiC OVAs anymore is to make jokes about Watanuki wearing Yuuko’s dresses and spending all of his waking hours with Doumeki and sleeping hours with somebody that looks exactly like Doumeki. Since this episode was almost completely focused on Watanuki going through Doumeki’s dreams and showing how very manly and strong their bond is, I feel like there’s even less sport here than usual. And the punchline at the end is that Watanuki takes up smoking due to Doumeki’s dead grandfather. What would the Surgeon General say?

Production IG did at least do a decent job with the fight against the nightmare, especially compared to how they usually handle animation with xxxHOLiC, which is namely to say that they don’t like to animate anything except flailing spaghetti limbs. I guess they probably saved on the budget since present Watanuki is on prozac and Doumeki/Haruka only have about two or three facial expressions total between them. They still could have done a lot more with the dreamscapes too. It didn’t have to be to Merry’s level of unneeded surreality, but they were simply dull with only a little static tossed in during the Yuuko part to really give it any real atmosphere.

So whatever. Another almost literally random little bit of xxxHOLiC spat out in celebration of the manga finally finishing. Since they skipped over adapting the meat of the story, it’s still hard to really get too excited about any of it, but I wager that if you’ve made it this far, you’ll take whatever you can get. At least Watanuki wasn’t sprawled out and giving that come hither look this time. *shudder*

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Rewriter says:


    Freaking tease(s).

  • The Phantom says:

    This show is just not the same without Yuuko and I personally dont like how this ended. The only good part is that it has a conclusion, even if I detest it.

  • jingoi says:

    @The Phantom the really fucked up part to me is that Himawari ended up with some unknown bastard who isn’t going to die from her bad luck, if Watanuki was going to lose I expected her to hook up with Doumeki.
    How the hell did he become so infatuated with Yuuko?
    Compared to what Syaoran has to deal with at the end Watanuki got screwed.

  • jingoi says:

    and Watanuki could have hooked up with Kohane but no he just thinks about Yuuko and stares at Doumeki.

  • Zel says:

    Bad news regarding “Is This a Zombie?”

    In the official anime site an announcement was made. Here’s a translation from google:

    Broadcasting Notice of suspension

    [notice] Orimashita scheduled to broadcast this week, “Is this a zombie?”is Episode 10,

    Taiheiyou ä¼´Imashi the earthquake area to the Tohoku region, it will let you pause the broadcast.

    The broadcast schedule for the future, we will further notice.

    • Nanaya says:

      Welp, there goes that form of entertainment for the week.

      *twiddles thumbs*

      Sooo…. who else flipped over ‘holic’s dropping 96% of the cast? And am I the only one wondering what happened to those two rain/house spirit girls? For recurring characters, they were forgotten, then kinda brought up for a minute then forgotten again pretty fast.