The Blessing of La Campanella OVA — Tortilla: The Movie

March 30th, 2011


Shy guys everywhere!


Ha. Remember the Overrun DVD specials that were completely off the wall and unlike the show itself, awesome? This was basically the exact same thing with Campanella’s cast, and since Campy was much better than Overrun to begin with, it worked out even better. They especially took the jokes about all of them being Leicester’s harem and just ran away entirely with them, even sucking Aberdeen into his harem. I particularly enjoyed Agnes’ golem envy segment where she fantasized that the golem was driven by sweaty sweaty delicious men and proceeded to stalk the damn thing until she learned that it was made up of hundreds of little golems. I’d also watch Tortilla: The Movie. It has everything.

Let’s see if I can rattle off all of it. We had strip RPS brought over from Overrun (with even Chelsea winning against the audience so she could have some manservice), Tortilla the epic thief/space opera/thriller/martial arts film, the story of Leicester’s high school harem and Shelly’s master plan to make him the ultimate lady’s man, series gags about finding bodies knocked out in the bath (poor Nick~), golem envy, funtimes in hot springs, the Panella Rangers vs Tortilla, games of Where’s Waldo Chelsea, and all the girls molesting Leicester’s inanimate doll form. It’s a lot to cover in between the very fanservice friendly eyecatches.

Which just begs the question. AIC, why the hell wouldn’t you give us more of this as the DVD specials instead of those abhorrent CG animated uncanny valley bath disasters. Christ, just realizing they existed gave me nightmares.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Where did you find this? I don’t see it on the torrents.

  • Apathy says:

    Sweet, gonna check this out. Basically just like Calvinball, just say “ah screw it” and have fun with it regardless of injuries or lack of logic & sanity.

  • alex says:

    “instead of those abhorrent CG animated uncanny valley bath disasters.”
    – a link or what episode was it ? I want to see what you mean.

  • Mesousa says:

    Did Shinbo direct this?

    There were eyecatchers all over the place like in Hidamari Sketch

  • Anise_Punter says:

    That must have alternated between awful and awesome at least 17 times in the course of 27 minutes. So many laugh out loud moments, so little… clothing.