Is This a Zombie? #09 — Feelings!

March 7th, 2011


Nothing more than… feelings!


Ugh. This show’s lack of focus in its writing continues to do a number on it. It’s forgivable when it’s just being slapstick comedy, but not when it tries to introduce about four different super ultra mega  adjective adverb dramatic plot threads at once, not explaining anything (and even have the characters yelling about how they have no idea what’s going on), and then just dropping half of it again immediately. The middle 15 minutes or so was barely tangentially related to the rest, and even then, Mael’s sudden case of berserkitis made the sky whale look sensical in comparison. And this is from the same thing that not 5 seconds before was being used as a joke to comically sit on Haruna. Mael wasn’t even that dangerous. Not counting hamstringing Ayumu, she attacked all of twice and it takes reciting a damn paragraph to even do that.

So let’s see where this episode took us. This started out with Eu and apparently one of her old zombie friends talking about how her emotionals are responsible for all the monsters lately with Sera confirming it and arguing with Ayumu about her new orders to kill Eu, went into Eu accidentally summoning a giant pudding bird that sat on Haruna until Haruna’s teacher showed up and shot it off her… onto Mael, who went berserk and summoned the slowest casting stand ever before Ayumu cured her with the power of giving her a hug… back to Eu leaving them because of things revealed two minutes into the episode. Long enough run-on sentence for you? Because that’s what the episode felt like. Thrown together with barely any thought, lunging violently from one thing to the next. And oh yeah, in the end, they never actually revealed who that guy was, what he really wanted, or anything about him. The way this show squanders its antagonists should be criminal.

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  • feal87 says:


  • Derek says:

    LOL, you really need to rewatch the previous episodes again Aroduc, because it seems you don’t understand anything… people will think you’re just plain stupid :D

  • Aex says:

    At least Eu disappeared by herself. That’s better then her going with the crazy-evil guy. And Dai-Sensei? Worthless, but is anyone surprised? I won’t say it’s the worst episode yet, but it was definitely the most boring…

  • fires says:

    damn i was really hoping his ‘wife’ was going to die.

  • Nanaya says:

    Am I the only one wondering if there’s going to be some “zombie” behavior from Ayumu or something? I know he’s just not allowed to die, but I think the original Night of the Living Dead set my standards for what a zombie is at too creepy a level.

  • chad001 says:

    “And oh yeah, in the end, they never actually revealed who that guy was, what he really wanted, or anything about him. The way this show squanders its antagonists should be criminal.”

    That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking. When he said how she better grant him his wish, I was screaming at the monitor: “I DON’T KNOW YOUR DAMN WISH! NONE OF YOUR CHARACTER WAS EXPLAINED!”

    • JinS says:

      I thought that guy was Eu’s “ex-zombie” that went out of control and “killed” by Eu? At least that’s what it seemed like based on the previous episodes and their little conversation in this ep.

      • Aroduc says:

        Almost certainly yes, but “he’s evil and wants some unspecified thing” is all that there is to him even after he chewed up half a third of the episode.

      • Derek says:

        And he goes by the name of ‘The King of the Night’.

  • john says:

    i hope for a big battle between ayumu and the bad guy and ayumu kills him and dies to but comes back to life after that be ballin bu never no i kinda want to see what Eu would do if ayumu died or almost died but well have to wait and see btw am i the only one who thinks ayumu and Eu love each other be a strange couple but nice

  • Skew says:

    Curse this plot! It prevented us from seeing Delusion Eu!

  • Rewriter says:

    Oh hello there, future Ayumu?

  • Kaisos says:

    Kind of poorly-put together, but the emotion from Ayumu at the end there was damn genuine.

    Kind of representative of the show as a whole, really.

  • Xeon says:

    “don’t come inside me”…well that’s the best sub i’vd seen in a while XD (at the scene of the berserk mael) XD