I Don’t Like My Brother At All! #11 — Garden of Maidens

March 19th, 2011


I miss the days when the protagonists actually interacted with Shuusuke.


The twins still aren’t clicking with me, although once Rin went into full-on psycho lesbian mode at the end and carried off Iroha, that was getting a little bit closer. They really need to play up that side of her more to make her amusing. They went through all the normal lesbian romance tropes, piano, roses, other stalker girls and all, but didn’t overplay them enough for it to be a joke. Maybe Rin’s obsession with Nao’s lips… but that’s really about it. Even that’s pretty tame compared to Iroha listing Shuusuke’s masturbation habits from earlier in the season.

The rest of it was pretty much the same as last week. The main characters were all shunted off to the sidelines to let the two newbies perform their own one-man plays of crazy cosplayer and crazy lesbian. Princess continues to corrupt Shuusuke, but again, compared to what Kondo was putting him through and her own nipple obsession, it’s small potatoes. She did surprise me a little bit by being at least somewhat more cognizant of the general situation than she’s been letting on, but I’m still very disappointed with how this show seems to be wrapping itself up. Maybe the DVD extra episode will do things better.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    I like how this and Rio are among the only shows unaffected by the mass delays.

  • Mesousa says:

    GANSIS is SO desperate to have me watch this again, they go Kanamemo on me and have a girl-on-girl kiss. THRICE.

    GANSIS, admit it. You want to make a second season of Kanamemo.

  • Aex says:

    …I get the feeling they forgot where this show was going at some point… or it was never actually going anywhere coherent to begin with.