I Don’t Like My Brother At All! #10 — Princess Lover

March 12th, 2011


She needs those Leia hairbuns to complete the ensemble.

You know what really enhances any viewing experience? A giant blinking map of Japan. Uninformative AND obtrusive! And BLINKING. Has anything changed in the last few hours? No? Better make it BLINK so everybody is sure to see it!


So… this episode was a tad bizarre and fairly weak all around. We’ve seen "Princess" in the background a few times before, but she finally gets an episode dedicated to her and she turns out to be some kind of cosplay/delusional nutjob that is looking for a partner to be sweaty insane with. This show being what it is, that of course means that she’ll eventually settle on Shuusuke to be the one to save the world from the King of Destruction, after a lap dance to check his worthiness. A little lapdance like that is barely anything for this show, especially after Nao tried to deep throat a banana last week.

Frankly, I find her sister hitting on Nao to be a lot more amusing. That’s a new and humorous dynamic to the show. Princess… not so much. She just really doesn’t fit into the show very well. She stretches the line of believability in ways that Iroha’s spy gadgets don’t even come close to. Everything with her is just entirely too random, and all the characters go with it without a second thought. Princess needs either more focus, or more jokes besides "she’s dressed in a skimp Princess Leia outfit." Her quick exchange with her sister was a lot better than she was for the other 99% of the episode. At least it doesn’t look like the show’s going to be spitting out some kind of nonsensical drama as it approaches its end since there’s still at least another episode of this Princess nonsense left. Hopefully they’ll do a little bit of a better job with it now that she’s settled on Shuusuke instead of indirectly convincing the entire AGE to strip down to their tighty whities.

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  • MisaoFan says:

    This blinking Japan’s map is actually about an 8,8 magnitude earthquake that was invaded Japan yesterday.

    • Aroduc says:

      You think, Sherlock?

    • ShuffleAir says:

      No, I think Japan is just trying to teach the anime viewers the geography of its country. Obviously that’s the right answer.

      • DmonHiro says:

        Buy a sarcasm detector, it will stop you from sounding like a retard.

        Anyone else laugh when there was a tsunami in this episode?

      • Shinji103 says:

        “Anyone else laugh when there was a tsunami in this episode?”

        No, not really. Since the basis of this “joke” that we’d be laughing about is the tsunami where at least about 1,000 people died less than 2 days agao. Not exactly funny.

      • Jack says:

        DmonHiro wrote:

        Anyone else laugh when there was a tsunami in this episode?

        Apparently someone heard ya…

        â–º Anime with Disaster Scenes Face Changes After Quake
        â–º http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2011-03-14/anime-with-disaster-scenes-face-changes-after-quake

        “The anime television channel AT-X announced on Monday that it is cancelling its re-runs of the 10th episode of the Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne—!! anime “at the request of the rights holder.”

        However, AT-X will still run the rest of the series, from the 11th episode onward, as planned starting on March 25. The 10th episode already aired on broadcast television on March 12 with a scene of characters being swept away by a giant wave — during the time that television stations were superimposing a graphic of tsunami warnings over all programming.”

  • Nanaya says:

    If you scroll down just fast enough, the map icon blinks!

  • animedyum says:

    You criticize the map just you found it useless??? Man, it was fine to read your unhappiness about animes, characters but now realized that you are just a troll. Sad…

  • Shinji103 says:

    So you find the blinking, “uninformative” map obtrusive, eh? Yeah that’;s a big inconvenience. Moreso than the tsunami was for all the people who had everything they own washed away, and for those who were washed away and killed themselves.

    For people not very well-educated like DmonHiro with his jokes about horrible natural disasters, that’s sarcasm above.

    Obtrusive maps about natural disasters with a large body count attached? Buck up and live with it. It sucks a /hell/ of a lot more for the people who got caught in it. I would only /hope/ people would have their priorities straight if an earthquake+tsunami hit /your/ area and a TV show such as Castle or Law & Order SVU showed a little map in the corner of the screen or a highlight running across the bottom of the screen.

    • Shinji103 says:

      Right. We can’t take a joke. It’s our fault that we take an earthquake+tsunami so seriously.

      Again for those not well-educated enough, that’s sarcasm.

      I don’t care who has what kind of sense of humor; who gives a crap about “obtrusive” maps on TV screens? I’m pretty sure the people in Japan, /where this map is being shown/, are having a harder time than people in another country who want their animated television productions to be unaltered.

      • Aroduc says:

        It sure must be drafty up there on the cross.

        The map provided nothing of any worth. If you cannot distinguish between the broadcasters who decided to put the map up and the people actually affected by the natural disaster, then you’re an imbecile.

  • Laith says:

    …People can’t take a joke it seems. Not that Aroduc hasn’t left clear that he has a dark sense of humor or anything. Nope. At all.

  • Shinji103 says:

    “It sure must be drafty up there on the cross.”

    I suppose you’d know better than me, up on your 15-meter soapbox complaining about anime all the time. I’ve never thought of your usual rants as anything bad before (despite how frequently ridiculous your whining was), but this is a stretch.

    “The map provided nothing of any worth. If you cannot distinguish between the broadcasters who decided to put the map up and the people actually affected by the natural disaster, then you’re an imbecile.”

    Too bad the usefullness of the map isn’t the point here. Not that you can see far enough ahead of yourself to realize that, apparently.
    The point here is that you’re whining about a little map partially blocking your view of a TV show, when the country of origin just got hit hard by an earthquake+tsunami. Be thankful they’re airing anime /at all/.
    Now, I have better things to do, so I digress from this argument with a guy who’s whining about his reduced view of an anime coming from a country that just got hit by a bad natural disaster, and is /far/ from totally out of the woods.

    • Concerned says:

      Honestly, I feel like you’re taking this a little too seriously…

      Without a doubt anyone would be concerned about the people of Japan. Cracking a joke at a clearly horrible broadcasting decision definitely does not denote an immoral thought process.

      • Aroduc says:

        Nah. He’s won me over. In fact, I think it’s highly inappropriate that all broadcasts right now do not have a giant blinking map of Japan superimposed over them. Not just Japan, all broadcasts all over the world. Don’t they know that there’s a disaster going on? A blinking map of Japan would help in ways that we cannot even begin to imagine.

    • Nanaya says:

      I like how things that get offended the loudest are safe and comfortable in being physically unaffected. They’re actually offended at the concept of something, rather than at the occurence itself.

      Why? Because if they were genuinely, truly affected, they wouldn’t be here getting offended over meaningless things. They would actually be doing something useful — and before it comes up, donating money is literally the absolute bottom of doing anything. It’s like, “here, I can’t be bothered with this on an individual basis so take my money and let me walk away and not think about it while I feel satisfied.”

      If I thought they had any capacity to be more introspective, I would believe they had some sort of deep-rooted guilt or anger or something.

    • alex says:

      and the fucking life goes on, earthquake or not, blinking map or not

  • NovaJinx says:

    This comment thread: Officially Awesome.

    How can we sit around here complaining about a post when people are dying? HOW CAN WE?

  • TheTaiyaki says:

    I’m wondering why our channels don’t have maps of PEARL HARBOR superimposed. Instead of asking for donations for Japan.

  • alex says:

    anime and earthquakes – natural enemies

  • Zensoku Zenshin says:

    Pfft. I love how everyone was hating on Aroduc for the map comment, when those were pretty much the sentiments of people from 2ch who actually were in Japan at the time.

  • rufe says:

    I think the map probably was actually a tsunami warning continued until today (? yesterday?). Yellow blinking is probably medium risk, orange high risk, not blinking low risk.

  • Anonymous says:

    Aroduc cleary this guy is an ass…when something serious happens u dont make jokes u idiot

  • Battler says:

    Last Amazon returns?

  • SomethingorOther says:

    Classiest shouts I’ve read on this blog so far! Keep up the stunning work, guys.