GOSICK #10 — Keystone Kops

March 14th, 2011



As I assume many have already gathered, Zombie and Dragon Crisis’s broadcasts are suspended for the moment without any real indication as to when they’ll resume. Both were scheduled to be broadcast in regions totally untouched by the disaster, so who knows really. Maybe Deen is scrambling to change some ‘inappropriate’ scenes.


Well, I guess the best thing that could be said for this arc is that it’s mercifully short. Instead of having any kind of actual mystery, they just end up having a big ol’ police sting to sort things out with Victorique providing little more than a history lesson for them. They couldn’t even really get that right though, as the rich woman villainess suddenly transformed into some kind of hand-to-hand martial arts expert to fight off the police, complete with a panty shot for her tossed in. Also, these are the police. Is there any reason they’re not using weapons? I also loved the execution of their convoluted plan to find the hidden room. Don’t they have architects and blueprints in this time, or is using a tape measurer and doing basic math too much for them?

Anyway, it was boring as snot and even more reliant on Kazuya and Grevil’s ability to carry an episode, which is damn near a negative value, if not an imaginary number. They even had to toss in some random stuff with the magician that mugged Kazuya to fill the rest of the episode out. It had about as much to do with things going on as last time, but at least Kazuya didn’t get mugged again. He just stood there thinking to himself "Hey, don’t I know that guy?" before suddenly forgetting that he should probably go talk to the police again so they can enact their genius plan.


Counting down the days until the end of this season for a nice clean break.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • hashi says:

    Not the greatest, since it had too little Victorica, but I found it more enjoyable than you did. Of course, I have learned by now not to expect any complex mystery in this show, lol. The secretary was not a rich lady, but an assistant, so her having some fighting ability is not so ridiculous. And for the police not to use weapons is perfectly reasonable for that era. London police usually didn’t carry anything more than nightsticks until only twenty years or so ago. I was happy to see Brian Roscoe. And could that be Cordelia in the box, with a cold like her daughter’s?

  • holity says:

    denseman and grevil carry a episode.
    i only started watching this crap for victorique.
    i stopped watching everything else this season except shippuden ,fairy tail, IS, waiting for uncen of onii chan no koto, one piece, cardfight vanguard.

  • Harbin says:

    I read Mormons instead of Morons… Well, at least this arc is over now!

  • Jack says:

    Still watching, still like it.