Dream Eater Merry #12 — “I’m… PROCTORING YOUR TEST!”

March 31st, 2011


Nice, uh… whatever the hell that is, JC Staff.


If last week wasn’t bad enough, the entire first half of this episode reeked of padding the show out. At least they kept the weird music in relative check this week, or maybe after 11 weeks, I’m finally densistized to it. The action wasn’t bad for the show either, but still consists of far too many closeups of hands and feet instead of showing what’s actually going on. Anyway, Kawanami’s gun is apparently powered by doom and despair melodrama, so while it could be used against Myst, that would not turn out well. Everybody then goes off to take their tests where Stripey McPants is leering evilly over them the entire time. No villain can ever be taken seriously while he’s proctoring a standardized test. Everything about that scene was just ridiculous.

Then we get to the second half and spend most of the time getting back to where we were partway through the previous episode. Hooray. What good fortune that we tossed in 15 minutes of Kawanami melodrama and standardized test taking to space things out. Well, there were also a bunch of really corny shots added in for extra humor. Everything going randomly pixellated was amusing, as was the sort of censored still frame of Engi getting… slightly cut in the side. From the way everybody was gasping dramatically, I was expecting her to have been spitted like a fish. But now Yumeji is holding someone else’s magical sword, which he doesn’t know how to use. After nearly getting himself killed not thirty seconds prior trying to run to the damsel in distress… who is suspended fifty feet in the air, mind you… I’m sure this will turn out well. Oh wait, it’s the last episode next week. Of course it will.


Yes, yes, I’m sure Myst kills everybody and wins. Death to them all. Yada yada.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • DmonHiro says:

    The bad news: no John Doe
    The good new: no John Doe might mean second season.

  • Pronas says:

    is that sum merry pantsu i see on #79?

  • icymirage says:

    This show has potential, but it’s is sooo slooowww. At this point, I don’t even care if they recycle some footage. Just keep the action going! I have a feeling we’re in for another long speech during next episode’s fight…

    And Yumeji… can’t he do anything smarter? – like see dream demon weaknesses with his power? If not, he should spin around and slice up the Ricey McPants who he walked right past just moments ago!

  • edru says:

    they seriously downplayed engi’s power.
    heck, engi once killed heracles in it, too bad he revived.

  • The Phantom says:

    The plot is ok but the pace is terrible, can they move the story a little bit faster? Was an ok episode overall but only one episode remaining and the final big bad is not even scratched, it seems that this is going the cliffhanger route…