Dream Eater Merry #10 — Drama Weather

March 10th, 2011


You can tell it’s going to be an angsty episode because it all takes place at night in the rain.


So much for the things it was doing right the last week or two. Kawanami’s backstory turned out to be disappointingly dull and… really nothing else that mattered happened this week, unless you count some remarkably awful direction in places. At the moment, they have entirely too many random things going on for the protagonists to be sitting on their tails doing nothing. Barely any of it is even related anyway. There are just clowns, people on fire, and rice devouring psychopaths walking the streets. No need for Yumeji or Merry to leave the house for that. It’s raining afte rall. Kawanami meanwhile just has lonely orphan backstory #2, the angsty and unfriendly version, with a gunslinger living inside of her. They’re friends because she told him that gunshots sound nice, so you know that their relationship is extra super special. Of course, now that Isana’s unlocked Kawanami’s closed heart… I can’t continue this. I can already feel an ulcer building. At least the music wasn’t as bad as it has been in the past. That’s kind of like a win when it comes to this show.

Kawanami’s scene with Yumeji though… good lord, what were they thinking? Yumeji is so stunned by her having a demon that he literally just sits there and lets her leave (after being stopped for a moment by Isana’s father even) before he comes to his senses and realizes she’s gone. Then they show Kawanami ‘disappear’ when a truck passes by, only to cut to a different angle to show that she’s just walking in a different direction. "Oh, she disappeared… mysteri– oh wait, she’s right over there." What do you have to be thinking to pull that with a serious scene? That’s a Naked Gun kind of joke. Also, what was the point of putting her in a white shirt and having it rain if she wasn’t going to get wet? Honestly here, JC Staff. What the hell are you thinking?


Hey, Yumeji, how about instead of looking stunned at everything, you do something?

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • feal87 says:

    In the manga seems like he got some power early on by the cat demon, but…seems to be forgotten by the anime this detail. (Or maybe it will be animated later?!)

    • Shiden says:

      One, we’re not quite there yet. Two….we’re off in anime-original land now. No progress will be made in the storyline from now to the end of the season.

  • alex says:

    it’s a pity you don’t cover Madoka, it turned out to be very interesting, besides the shitty art

  • Nanaya says:

    You would think manga authors would not allow their works to be made into anime, since anime-only endings screw any chances of the complete series being done remotely well once it’s near completion. Most series aren’t worth a reboot to fix it…

    • marvelous stan says:

      I suspect that half an anime now is generally considered a lot better than the long odds of getting an anime later.

  • The Ace says:

    Well…it is that much of a surprise that the lead male turns out to be a yet another wimp like the rest of males in anime these days.
    The generel idea behind this anime had me hooked from the start, however as many other series this season it somehow died out in the middle. I mean, yes, its a nice ability with the “looking through the hole finger trick” but what purpose has it really served until now, and why does he have such an ability? Sounds like I have to hit the manga instead to get some decent story.

  • The Phantom says:

    This is one of those shows with the potential to be amazing but end up beign mediocre at best thanks to all the wasted episode/fillers it airs, seriously, end season already and it never went anywhere past the initial plot/episodes, I expect nothing but a massive cliffhanger to end this season.

    • Nanaya says:

      Which sucks because the manga just started getting decent. So, naturally, they kill off any chance to get to that point.