Mitsudomoe DVD Special — Nipples in Unexpected Places

February 26th, 2011


I wish I was talking about the hamster.


Eh, I liked the season 2 episode more. This was… okay, but I really cringed at the Yabe misunderstanding joke and wanted to punch a baby or something. I guess it could have been worse. They could have put the two segments right next to each other so there was only about three minutes between the two instead of eight. The pimple on Yabe’s ass was also… unpleasant for any number of reasons that I’d rather not go into. They also retread a lot of ground for half of them. Neither Hitoha’s cheeks nor Mitsuba vs exercise devices were really strong enough to carry an entire segment on their own, let alone two. Plus, I think when pimples get that big, they’re generally some kind of massively diseased cyst.

The first segment was Hitoha having a pimple on her cheek, so everybody suffered a mass delusion that her already breast-like cheeks really were breasts. The second was Mitsuba vs a treadmill. Then back to the cheeks with Hitoha trying to tone up her face in various ways while Yabe thinks she’s talking about going through puberty when she says that her body’s strange. Over to an exercise ball for Mitsuba, which she pops because she can’t help but try to destroy cute things. Finally, Sugisaki and Mitsuba are both morons with different caste structures when it comes to sushi.

Forty minutes of Mitsudomoe is probably too much for me to stand in a day anyway.

Final thoughts below.


Final Thoughts:

This covers the second season too, and really everything I said at the end of the previous season still holds true so I’m not going to rehash that, although there was perhaps a slight dip in production the second time around. The show occasionally has its moments of brilliance, but they’re relatively few and often far in-between. I do think that this season was a little stronger than the first since it was more consistent and got rid of those awful Gachi Ranger misunderstanding jokes that they drove into the bloody ground with a 10,000 ton hammer, but at the same time, they didn’t really replace them with much of anything else. If you made it through the first season without hating it, I’m fairly sure you’d be able to enjoy… or at least stomach… this season as well. If not though, aside from the initial Gachi Ranger parody episode, this is more of the same with very few twists on the formula. Maybe have somebody cherry pick the best segments and just watch those instead of suffering through the whole thing.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I’ll miss this show, I think bridge is pretty much done for after this.

  • U.Renko says:

    One more and you can hide that gosick entry