Mitsudomoe #21 — Obligatory Ending Episode

February 26th, 2011


I’m not sure that last segment could have been more generic.


Well, at least there was one great segment to finish things off. Both parts of the relay race, the failed version and Chiba’s master plan version were hilarious. Unfortunately, most of the rest was not. At least it didn’t swing between Christmas and the middle of summer this time. I can live with the generic "Look, we’re a happy family" bit that probably has to be crammed in there by law to end the show, but that doesn’t mean that I need to be particularly happy about it. Somebody throw a pie.

The first part was a sick Hitoha (her sickness only actually used for the closing gag of sneezing on the autograph) getting Gachi Pink’s autograph and finally confessing to Yabe that she’s a Gachi Ranger fan. Meanwhile, Yabe looks like he’s dressed to go hunt Pokemon with Brock and Misty. The second segment was yet another sports festival (I’m pretty sure this is something like the 14th now) where the class has to use their teamwork to win. Third was basically one long monologue from one of those tuber salesman who guesses the age of girls trying to figure out Hitoha. And then a fart joke. Lastly, the Maruis all holding hands to show that they’re still a loving family. Whoopie.

Final thoughts will be posted with the season 1 Mitsudomoe DVD extra episode which I finally got my mitts on in an hour or two.


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  • Vladimir says:

    WTH!!!, this is the end? Shit, I wand more Mitsudomoe… lolis XD

  • rufe says:

    Nice 17-sai joke…

  • Celestial says: