GOSICK #05 — Books! Check ‘Em Out!

February 4th, 2011


This show makes my brain itch.


That was the worst of both worlds. It really was Avril (out to steal books!) all along making the mystery… uh… not mysterious… but that wasn’t the actual Avril. The real Avril is a complete airhead stuck under some floorboards. But that’s not the star attraction of the episode. No, that goes to Kazuya, or perhaps Bones for that godawful scene in the library where ‘Avril’ started accusing Kazuya of being pathetic and delusional about Victorique’s existence and he just stammered like a moron until she threw him down the stairs. Did we forget the entire last arc full of people interacting with her? What the hell, dude? "Your friend’s not real!" "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Nothing else to say really. The mystery… wasn’t. Avril was the culprit all along, so Bones confirmed that yes, the writing really is that bad. Kazuya sucked so hard that it may have created a vacuum effect on all other Friday shows. At least this ‘arc’ is over at a blissfully short two episodes. Can you even call it an arc? It didn’t have anything like development or resolution, just a series of unrelated offscreen occurances solved by random guess work with a climax of Kazuya realizing that he’s not Tyler Durden. Fan-bloody-tastic.


Ridiculous hats getting ridiculouser.

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  • AfroSquirrel says:


    And then Victorique became a Touhou.

  • DMZ says:

    I was so psyched for a well-animated mystery show this season, and have been left sorely disappointed and left with only a well-animated pile of preticableness.

  • Aex says:

    The mystery aspect of this show is all on Victorique, like who is she really and all that jazz. We know she exists (was that REALLY a question, Kazuya?), but what else? These other “mysteries” all come with neon-bright clues. Hell, the second they said “yeah, the phantom thief has a successor” you know it’s “Avril”. Real Avril is way better anyways, so goodbye moody fake. At least Victorique got her cuteness on this episode.

    Seriously though, Bones needs to learn how to make subtle hints. Then this show would be awesome. It’s still good, just not as good as it should be.

  • Nanaya says:

    From what I’ve observed, this culture’s mystery scenarios are based on riveting, indecipherable puzzles such as “who could possibly be cursing the new, young wife who is replacing the older mistress?”

    As in, virtually all of their mysteries seem to be based on the performance of proper social behavior, role precedence and someone doing stigma/taboo instead of scenario-based puzzles and such. IE someone not behaving inside of their proper ‘societal role’ is the only one who could possibly commit the crime. The clues are only there as secondary features to that.

    I think thats why most, if not all “mystery” anime tend to be kinda dull or pointless from a Western perspective (way different perspective on roles and systems — and we also have Doyle as a major influence).

  • zera says:

    Aroduc, why do you think that whatever is wrong with the anime it’s must be Bones’ fault. Or maybe you had read the light novel?

  • alex says:

    it’s a good comedy at least

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s mysterious how this show could claim to be a mystery show.

  • Can'tTouchThis says:

    Your summaries/reviews were a big influence on my decision to stop watching this show. Honestly though, as much as I love anime, it’s starting to bore me to tears… in a very literal way