Dream Eater Merry #06 — Because Everything’s Better With Catgirls

February 10th, 2011


Damn it, JC Staff.


Guys. Guys, you’ll never guess this, but there’s… wait for it… a big bad. Shock! Surprise! I never saw it coming! At least they gave a brief nod to the two seeming antagonists that have been lurking in the background stealing souls since episode 2. At this rate, the protagonists will discover their existence as early as episode 11. The seesawing in regards to Yumeji’s wound was pretty poorly handled. First he’s grievously wounded, then it was all in the dream, then a minute later, he really is wounded and it’s carried over to the dream, then catgirls heal him nigh-instantly. PICK SOMETHING AND STICK TO IT. If you wanted to play up Yumeji pretending like it didn’t hurt him in the real world, that needed to last more than approximately 30 seconds. I’m okay with the catgirls though. A character that keeps a bunch of magical fanservice machines that lick themselves constantly could liven up this show in a way only matched by taking a magnum to the orchestra.

Merry key power… thing… was also not very well handled. She went berserk, keys appeared on her wrists, and then things just started exploding. Then it was over. Keys! *ahem* Almost the entire rest of the episode was John Doe sitting Yumeji down and explaining that A.) He’s not evil, and B.) Other things are evil. Meanwhile he has his own personal stable of catgirls heal the moron. Unfortunately, there’s really not a whole ton more than that. I was hoping he’d offer to team up so Yumeji can do something other than try to catch swords with his face, but apparently he just wanted to flaunt his catgirls and dump a whole lot of exposition that, once again, shock and surprise here, a main antagonist exists. And on that stunning plot development, it’s time for a beach episode.


Maybe they’ll get sucked into the Wind Fish’s dream.

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12 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Okita says:

    Everything with cat girls is better for the most part D:

  • Anonymous says:

    “I thought you’d enjoy it.”

    Oh man.

  • Albedo says:

    So… catgirls heal your soul huh?

    Also, nice Zelda reference Aroduc.

  • edru says:

    you should check out madoka magica.
    its gotten much better and is more better than this one.

    it also has great plot twists and is probably the best this season.

    and little-to-none moe or fanservice in sight(except for the OP song but its just to mislead people).

    • Aroduc says:

      *hand waves* No, it hasn’t.
      I figure if Madoka’s “plot twists” surprise you or you think it’s any different now from how it was before, Jedi mindtricks will also work.

    • Myssa Rei says:

      I think you should get used to the fact that Aroduc will never like anything remotely close to what the majority will like. At all. Madoka might have been written by Gaiman, or Pratchett at his prime, and he STILL would hate it. It’s just how he is.

      • Chen says:

        I agree. Aroduc is a diamond in the rough.

      • Aroduc says:

        I watched Aladdin again just yesterday! Or at least turned it on while doing classwork.
        But more of it is that I’m not impressed by Madoka’s pacing or characters at all. And most of its ‘plot twists’ and reveals have been of the “things turned out… EXACTLY HOW A CHARACTER SAID THEY WOULD” variety. A soul gem… contains a soul! What a twist! Being a magical girl is life threatening, just like multiple characters said! Another twist! The character that a protagonist has been trying to kill… is probably evil! Twists everywhere!
        At the end though, I found the first four episodes to be pure tedium for twenty minutes and nowhere worth the 1-2 minutes of something interesting happening. That’s all there is to it. Well, and unlike Merry, it won’t give me as much of a headache from people rushing to defend it when I make fun of its plot twists or legion of production issues.

  • Mesousa says:

    (sees preview)


    I thought they wanted her to show her midriff all the time! Why not a two piece?!


  • Kaisos says:

    I sometimes feel that I am the only person that likes this show.

    And nothing about the directing and how good it is? Bah.

  • The Phantom says:

    I like this show, but is going slowly, episode 6 already and so few things have happened, next episode seems like a waste of time too.

    I think these characters and this plot deserve more, but probably thats just me.

  • Anonymous says:

    “At this rate, the protagonists will discover their existence as early as episode 11.”

    It’s funny because that’s exactly what happened.