Dragon Crisis! #08 — Weird Science

February 28th, 2011


I don’t even understand how some of this crap is supposed to be an actual test.


Also meh. I had hopes because there was a bazooka involved. Instead, we got a montage about Ryuuji taking tests before a generic "let’s try a real training experience" where the monster ran out of control of course, forcing the recycled footage finishing move, narrowly missing cutting Bianca in half by about a foot. Ryuuji’s completely normal friends also kept butting their heads in, taking precious screen time away from Eriko posing in the background for her photo ops. Of course, there was the usual stupidity too. Ryuuji lured the out of control golem towards the school so he could cut off a leg and send it toppling into the building. I’m more surprised that nobody cared at all about this, although after the police didn’t bother showing up when a maniac opened fire in a classroom with the slowest moving rocket propelled anything ever made… not to mention all the other military blunders in past episodes… I’m not really sure that the world of Dragon Crisis has any kind of trained police force at all.

So nothing happened here either. Bianca showed up, tested Ryuuji, gave some random unneeded explanations about how one rates a Breaker and repeatedly explained how it’s not really a bazooka, had a flashback about his father saving her, then it’s off to apparently fight an evil mirror and a guy with a star painted over his eye next week. It would have been nice to see her actually use those power gloves/high heels to do something other than scale the knee of the golem and throw the idiot friend around. At least Eye’s coming back. Maybe Rose will molest her into another tailgasm in between setting gas stations on fire.


Mirrors! Evil!

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • kenuran says:

    God I hate Ryuji’s friends. At least give them powers so they can have some relevance to the story. They might as well make that girl with the crush on Ryuji go full on yandere since thats what this episode showed hints of. Definitely would make her seem less worthless

  • chad001 says:

    What I really found creepy was how Misaki creepily took pictures of his x-ray (ribs) while giggling perversely… WTH?

  • Aex says:

    Kill Masato. Someone, just kill him. Otherwise Bianca wasn’t bad, if not kinda lifeless at times. She got better at the end though. Rose going to school sets up a fun premise. Kinda a fun episode, though would’ve been better if Masato died. Painfully.

  • rufe says:

    You know, Masato’s voice actor is actually a very talented one. He was fantastic as Mametarou and Natsuki…somehow he got all these *awful* roles in a row….

  • chad001 says:


  • Rednal says:

    Hmm… Actually, they might NOT have a real police force. o.O Lost Precious seem kind of… um… common (not, like, household-common, but they don’t seem terribly hard to come by if collectors can afford particular styles of them), and no ordinary police force is likey to be able to handle some of that stuff… so maybe it’s just that the Society takes care of anything involving Lost Precious and the police leave them to it.

  • The Ace says:

    Is it just me or does this so-called “über powerful Level 10, one among only a handfull in the world” breaker gets his royal behind shamefully beaten up almost every single damn episode by people who, on paper should be mere cuddly kittens compared to his level. Luckily for him he can always draw his fire-spewing-loli-card, power up that little boy scout dagger of his and save the day, but its getting awfully repetitive.

    That bazooka-thingy had me cracking up though…A missile that my old rheumatic grandma could outrun. “Yeah…yeah we got him…oh, no…no wait…no, he started walking…Blast!, who would have thought he was capable of reaching such an unfathomable velocity that is 5km/h by the mere power of his lower extremities.” What is next I suppose? A vicious attack-dog with no legs?