Dragon Crisis! #07 — Telepathy 101

February 21st, 2011


One would think bad guys would learn to keep telepathic objects away from their fiercely loyal subordinates at some point.


Like Marga’s mini-arc, this also ends without ever really getting its traction. They’re literally explaining why the antagonist is evil as they fight the final battle with him and then Eye is spirited off to not be seen from again. Beyond that, they pretty much kept inventing new powers for him through the entire fight and then it ended completely unspectacularly by Rose burning a tendril that was mindraping Ryuuji. The attack wasn’t even shown to hit the guy. It just cut away to him on fire and rolling on the ground before all his magical tats disappeared. I don’t even remember his name already, and it doesn’t matter because he used the last of his magic tatoos to turn himself into magical sparklies. Uh, hooray.

They didn’t use the earrings exceptionally creatively, although I did like the scene on the roof where Ryuuji was trying to reassure her. The rest of it… eh. What you’d expect. Eye puts on earrings to feel pretty. Earrings tell her bad guy’s lying. Earrings tell her that Ryuuji thinks she’s cute and a good girl. Form your own bad plot from there and then end the arc about 7 minutes later. They really need to do a better job at build up and resolution if they want these standalone arcs to actually have any kind of impact. At least next week looks… interesting. Bazookas never hurt anything. Except literally.


Something about bazookas, candy, and giant angry magical golems.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Aex says:

    Happy ending for Aika I guess. Sucks that she’s not sticking around, she’s my favorite girl right now! It feels like this’ll become the trend though. Girl shows up, has an arc, falls for Ryuuji, then leaves till… who knows when. I totally agree though, that scene in the shed with Ryuuji was definitely the best part!

    Next time: bazookas, golems, and hott red-heads!! I like it already.

  • Nanaya says:

    They struck him down, and now he is more powerful than they can ever imagine.

  • Zensoku Zenshin says:

    Got random Fate/Stay Night vibes from this episode for some reason. I wonder why?

  • Unfortunately, the ending was “Oh! I didn’t know red dragons could do that!” Sheesh.

    • Kaisos says:

      Actually, I seem to remember a precedent for dragonfire destroying magical objects, so it’s not entirely out of nowhere.