Winter 2011 Premiere Wrapup and Lego Robot Truck Pull

January 16th, 2011


I like how the forecast of snow then sunshine somehow ended up as two weeks of torrential rain.

There’s a limited amount of time in the day, and since I tend to watch things within an hour or two of airing instead of waiting half the day for such pleasantries as subtitles or things in resolutions larger than my laptop’s screen, my schedule for watching shows more or less syncs with the actual broadcast schedule. Therefore, there’s only so much that I can deal with in a day. Here’s the quick list of all the shows over the past week… well… week plus some… along with a short blurb designed to reduce a 24 minute episode to a quarter second bullet point. It’s hardly comprehensive, just the first thing that comes to mind. Each one is linked to my initial post on it should you want more information. I feel like I’m cheating a little bit this season since almost everything has already had two episodes, but c’est la vie.

Anything that I am 100% certain I’m going to cover for at least another week gets a little crown, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stick with it past the next episode or two. Likewise, just because I’m not looking forward to something just yet doesn’t mean that I won’t pick it up. If you’ve got any input, flames, or desperate begging, go wild.


Dragon Crisis!


Mostly solid cast trapped in an extremely underfunded action show with almost no action.

Is This a Zombie?


 Hopefully the writers will continue to obliterate logical thought instead of trying to make this make sense.

Level E


 Has no idea what it wants to be and is very slow about about accomplishing it.


Reaching You


Spoiler, nothing happens. For the entire season.

Rio RainbowGate


So nonsensical that even the head writer has no idea what’s going on. Not even good for T&A either.




Dream Eater Merry


 Only the minute or two of dream worlds each episode keep this from being a completely bland affair.



 Too wrapped up in trying to be Ghibli and/or unique to remember to actually have decent characters or writing.

Infinite Stratos


Generic setup, questionable direction, but a very good cast and easily some of the best production of the season.

Magical Girl Madoka Magica


 "Has potential in the future" is synonymous with "not currently fulfilling it." Shinbo being unrestrained Shinbo. Yet again.

Wandering Son


Knows exactly what it is and wants to be. Unfortunately, that’s a very very shiny overly serious melodrama.


A Certain Magical Index


 This season has been wrought with issues. Hopefully they’ll pull things together after over a month of that terrible arc.



Terrible mysteries so far. Victorique acting cute for 10 seconds an episode is its only real saving grace.



 Feel my claws, bub. But strangely, not as terrible as Iron Man. Close. But not quite.

Cardfight!! Vanguard


¿uıɐƃɐ uʍop-ǝpısdn sıɥʇ sı ÊŽÉ¥M



Slightly bloodier generic T&A dress-ripping action. It avoids the terrible protagonists by giving each only 5 lines an episode.


I Don’t Like My Brother At All, You Know!


Not as solid of a sex comedy as B Cup was and many production woes, but still one of the few good comedies this season.



Great return followed by a very poor second episode. I fear we’re in for more of the latter than the former.



Very juvenile, repetitive, and not all that well made, but I can’t really damn Sunday morning TV for being Sunday morning TV.


El Zilcho


Having literally nothing airing at all on two days is annoying enough, but having just Rio and "Noto plays another socially awkward girl in a romance that goes nowhere" on a third day is just rubbing it in. Otherwise, the season’s not looking too bad. My schedule is tentatively looking like:

Monday: Dragon Crisis and Zombie 
Tuesday: Nil
Wednesday: Nil
Thursday: Infinite Stratos and probably Merry
Friday: Index, maybe GOSICK, and Freezing
Saturday: Brother-complex and Mitsudomoe
Sunday: Nil

The main thing that disappoints me this season is how underproduced almost all of the shows are. I think we’re in some kind of animator lull before the usually packed spring season. I’ll probably think of something to do for Tuesdays/Wednesdays. Maybe I’ll just go through a bunch of oft-neglected Japanese games from the past few years that don’t get the love that they deserve, or at least… the attention for being really really weird. The things I’ve seen… *ahem* I could probably scrounge together ten or so across the season. Heck, I think I could do a month on games with dragon protagonists alone.

Anyway, that’s how it looks. Have at you!

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30 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Chen says:

    Your words are as empty as your soul! Mankind ill needs a blogger such as you!

  • Anonymous says:

    For once it seems our tastes actually line up pretty well this season!

  • Mesousa says:

    I still sorta think you should keep blogging Rio.

    Just imagine your mind being screwed…thanks to POKER. How is that not awesome?

  • Andy says:

    you should do star driver on sun
    i dont think its too late to pick it up!

  • Travis says:

    Unheard of games, eh? I’m in. When the games get weird, the weird get reading. Or something.

    A *month* of dragon-protagonist games?

  • GF202020 says:

    Do Rio just for the WTF-ness of it all. Seriously, that second episode was bordering FLCL levels of WTF.

  • Joule says:

    2 Deen shows covered in one season. Madness.

  • Solaris says:

    Please, i beg you to drop Index. It’s a pain in the ass to read your unwitty entries about it. It’s clear like hell you don’t understand it and look for some stupidity every week only to go on blasting it. I know that i should leave you alone cause it irks me like hell, but i can’t hold me reading those pukey posts and get angry at the screen. So, please, do me a favor and drop it ;_;

    • Anonymous says:

      And I think you should respect others’ opinion & personal freedom instead of being an ass about it. That show is shit & his criticism against it is valid & proven. If you have time to type that BS, use it to fap to your underage loli nun or suck that Captain-Falcon-wannabe’s dick instead. Kthnxby

      • Amyable says:

        In his defense, he was probably doing that too. Multitasking ftw.

      • Solaris says:

        I am already doing it while reading you all take the bait to my own trolling. I mean, wasn’t this site for trolling anyway?

    • Jack says:

      It’s a pain in the ass to read your unwitty entries about it.

      Who is forcing you to read it?

      • Anonymous says:

        His mom maybe?

      • Solaris says:

        No, your mom told me to. So i’m here to let you enjoy some good trolling today.

      • Kelf says:

        I think Solaris is doing alright. If it was a demand, then yeah sure he could say it out loud, and Aroduc can ignore it. People always want to hear other people’s opinion, and he just can’t help but to look and glance at the bad post of Index.

        Also, isn’t it helpful to attack trolls? Well…I’m helping one.

      • Aroduc says:

        The takeaway message isn’t to stop covering Index, it’s to be wittier about it.

        Also, I should really fix this terrible comment threading at some point.

    • alex says:

      @Solaris: trolling…you are doing it wrong

      • Amyable says:

        He’s only claiming to be trolling because he acted like a tool and people called him out on it. Pretending like that was his intent all along is the only way he can save face.

      • alex says:

        I knew, that’s why I wrote he’s doing it wrong

      • Solaris says:

        Alex, teach me, as you’re an expert about trolling.

        And, Amyable, i tried before to post some reason before, but with no avail.
        As it’s crystal clear you people only react to mocking, go on. It’s not my face at stake here, it’s your overall attitude to blast anything with idiot remarks without understanding what you’re mocking at all.

        Index is just the best example of that wrong attitude.
        That show is so complex there is so much to talk about, both for good and for bad, but everybody are just scratching its surface without thinking it out so much.
        Only remarks i read are about lolis and boobs or about how annoying is Touma’s preaching, let alone infamous “talking heads” comments. Is it possile to elaborate a bit or we’ll just continue like that?
        I warn you I have really the will to become a troll unless you put out some reasoning.

  • Apathy says:

    Though I do enjoy seeing our local blogger suffering in anime related pain as much as the next guy…

    …making him watch Rio is just cruel. And yes, we would also appreciate any info and such from games that need more lovin’.

    (Hmm…maybe to him index is like bad alcohol, like needing to drown out reality with something just as bad & damaging)

  • Ninja Penguin says:

    What you plan to blog and what I plan to watch are almost identical – Madoka being the exception. So i’m happy :)

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree on blogging Rio, I mean you have the gap in the week anyway, and it would probably be pretty fun to write about with all the nonsense that goes on.

  • Yue says:

    THREE DAYS ARE FREE!! Gyaaah! Spend it on cardio workouts, multimedia/translation projects, more sleep, and console/laptop gaming! ^_^

    Can you tell us your blog diet? (coffee? cashew?)

  • Takebou says:

    Wake me up when Piss & Shit with Gravy is back on the air.

  • Gil says:

    You know you love breasts………so blog Rio!

  • fires says:

    do you not review shows that have already aired? love to hear your opinion on some of the classics, even if they were just one liners.

    actually i wouldn’t mind your top 10/50 whatever and some recommendations of yours!