Shin Koihime Musou OT OVA — HAWAWA

January 31st, 2011


And yet, still more sensical than Rio.


With the last volume of the Koihime OT DVDs comes its token ‘real world’ OVA featuring random nonsense. Last time was some kind of beach trip if I remember correctly. This time was a school festival. As astute readers might recall, a lot of my amusement from the series came from making jokes about how every female’s naughty bits exhibited the kind of healthy glow that one usually associated with plutonium. Luckily, this even started out with that same warming glow, but then it gave way and I had to resort to choosing caps strategically so that I wouldn’t have to open the image editor. Pity.

To the episode’s credit, it was amusing in a few places. The quick pan towards the very end was well done and Kannu makes an excellent terrifying waitress. "Hawawa" should never be delivered with that much venom in one’s voice. Sousou also remains a far too underused but excellent lesbian dominatrix in a world full of women desperate to lick her feet. Bachou considering the merits of urinating into a water bottle though… that I could do without. Also, I don’t claim to be an expert on the female urethra, but that strikes me as potentially very very messy. Mostly though, it wasn’t anything particularly special. Heck, they didn’t even both to animate the OP other than the chibis over a bunch of stills,  while the ED had the chibis in their school uniforms in a slightly different order from the regular series. Way to go the extra mile, Dogakobo.

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  • shadow says:

    Have a female wrestling, It is the ova 1 or 2 ?
    I found otome tairan ova 1 y 2, but I need know what ova is

  • Mesousa says:




  • jingoi says:

    why can’t I see anything.
    why is a ova censored?

  • Anon says:

    Where did you watch the episode? I can’t find it anywhere online.

  • Reyna says:

    Please reply to Anon’s question because I wish to know the answer to that question too