Mitsudomoe #17 — It Must Be Cleansed in Fire

January 29th, 2011


The only way you can be sure a laptop is clean.


Keeping with the pattern of this season, since last episode was good, this one has to be awful. It wasn’t all terrible though. Chiba’s increasing belligerence and violent rejection of girls he doesn’t want to take advantage of it at least worth a chuckle or two. Mitsuba also let that awful first segment go out on at least something of a high note. Still, whoever thought that it was a good idea to play the first thirty seconds of the OP as an insert song in the last segment should be bludgeoned with a trout repeatedly. Preferably a salted one to really make the wounds sting.

The first segment had the girls all rip the butts of their swimsuits on Futaba’s ghetto slide and tried various things to hide it until Mitsuba tricked them all into revealing it. The second segment was about Sugisaki finding ghostly faces in all her spycam photos of Mitsuba which were all somehow Hitoha. Even with this show’s janky art, I still don’t see it. The third was Satou being sick at a festival, so Mitsuba tried to get him panty related things. Yeah, that’s literally it. Fourth was Chiba mastering a new technique whereupon if he can convince a girl to let him flip them over a pole, he makes their shirts fall down over their heads. This is getting slightly too elaborate. And finally, the last part was the family going to a water park and Hitoha having issues because she can’t swim.


Bloodshed, finally.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Hexmage says:

    Jeez, what do you have against insert songs?

  • Mesousa says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Hitoha will be missed.


  • MyEyes says:

    Futaba was the one trying to get Satou panty related things, Mitsuba just thinks he’s a perv.