Mitsudomoe #15 — Back To Basics

January 15th, 2011


I am beholden to no man for numbering.


Meh. MEH! Just what I feared. Must of this was back to misunderstandings, recycled jokes, and forced situations so dumb that they shatter the limits of believability entirely. The most ‘unique’ thing about it was seeing just how far Yabecchi has sunk. Holy crap, the dude is pathetic. And that’s even before he decided that he needed to take off his pants because Futaba was grabbing his jacket. The logic… where has it gone? This also shattered my rule that all King Games turn out well in anime by having the lamest one imaginable. Even Chiba couldn’t think up a single bloody decent thing for it. To its credit though, they did mix things up a lot more than most episodes of the first season, but that only helps if the jokes are decent and haven’t already been used fifteen times before.

Part one was probably the worst of the lot, just another misunderstanding about Hitoha, a photo, and the Gachi Rangers… again. Part two was little better. Mitsuba wanted some bizarre exercise machine and tried to use Futaba as a substitute. The Christmas party took up the entire second half, with about equal parts Yabecchi being the saddest man alive by celebrating Christmas with a mannequin and the kid’s party itself. Mom’s boy harem was probably the highlight of that. Then it was back to the usual contrivance of Yabecchi ending up naked in the Marui household and that’s a wrap. Been there, done that. Not happy to see it yet again. At least next week looks much much better, and not just because of the little boys in bras. 




Strange new frontiers.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anon says:

    I don’t get why Yabecchi is the laughing stock of the show. He’s not a bad guy, and he’s decent looking.

  • Wilfriback says:

    Poor Yabechi, I would like to laugh but sure it will make me feel guilty later.