GOSICK #03 — Random Acts of Stupidity

January 21st, 2011


Why is everybody in the GOSICKverse so damn dumb?


Probably the most amusing episode of this show yet. Not that I would call it good. Oh no no no no no, I would not. But bad in amusing ways mostly and much better paced than the last few. They did a decent job with Ned attacking them, even if the scene really made little sense. Of special note on the stupidly amusing side was Kazuya sucker punching Ned in the eye with spiked brass knuckles, and then after knocking him out, instead of tying Ned up, or getting rid of the axe, the entire group flees, with Kazuya throwing away his only weapon. He could have won some testicle points too, if not for somehow managing to actually tread dangerously close to negative IQ. The ‘twist’ that Ned wasn’t dead was just awful too. At least it only lasted about 15 seconds. I was shaking my head in disbelief at that entire setup. Really? Why not just have him holding a little cardboard sign that says "I am dead, please check this hand’s pulse." Even Milky Holmes could crack this one, but probably only because of their ravenous corpse-feeding habits.

Unfortunately, almost all of the second half was spent explaining what happened on the ship. Keep in mind that they were only on the ship for about 30 minutes of actual show time. And then they spent about 8 minutes explaining those 30 minutes. Sigh. Ned was hired by the Illuminati to kick off the paranoia in the original child/country/who-goes-to-war game and unsurprisingly, Julie was the mastermind behind the more recent rash of revenge murderings. Bones ran out of money around this point of the show and had to put up some photographs of the war to fill the time. Great work, Bones. Victorique’s character was also murdered in the end, reducing her to a sniveling little child that is helpless without Kazuya and now snuggles up to him like an annoyed cat.


Kazuya arrested for suspected statutory rape.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Strel says:

    You might want to revisit Magical Girl Madoka Magica…

  • Aex says:

    I was kinda looking forward to them attempting an explanation as to how Ned was supposed to have died in that position… just not natural. At all.

    I liked Victorique showing a girly side, made her seem a bit more real. When she freaked out was a bit much, but still not bad. Also nice to know we aren’t heading towards a “she’s actually 100 years old be stuck in that body” plot-device. Plus half the reason she was sticking close to Kujo on the ship was to keep him from wandering into danger by making him think she needed protection.

    Anyways, still my favorite show this season.

  • shuffleair says:

    So if you’re picking up Dream Eater Merry. Then will you not blog Gosick?

  • Well, at least the got through this shitty “mystery” quick.

  • Mesousa says:

    Better idea: forget Dream Eater Merry, whatever the hell kind of boring show that is.

  • Anonymous says:

    This was actually the most enjoyable episode for me just because it escaped the tedium of the first two while Ned went all crazy. The mystery was so obvious that I started yelling at my computer screen, but even with that I was satisfied with this episode overall.

    Victorique taking the back burner to Kazuya disappointed me, but I had been expecting it since the show started. Japan just can’t have a strong female heroine for the life of them.