GOSICK #01 — Mobile Doormats

January 7th, 2011


It’s not a good sign when I hate almost every character in a show already.


Eh, if not for Kazuya, it could have been okay. However, since like IS, the camera never once leaves the male lead for even a second, that’s a bit of a problem. A bit of a major problem. He is whiny, spineless, irritating, and any number of unkind adjectives I could throw in. I cannot think of a single redeeming quality for him. Heck, his first reaction upon seeing Victorique is to scream his bloody head off and run away. The rabid dogs and screaming cultists in the nonsensical hook at the start have more appealing personalities than him. Victorique herself was cute at times, but you may as well just look at a couple animated gifs of her rolling around on the floor or putting her pipe into her mouth instead of subjecting yourself to Kazuya’s piercing nasally whine for the better part of twenty minutes. A minute or two of one character being cute does not make up for the all-out assault on one’s sensibilities that is Kujo Kazuya. Even drillhair jerkoff at least has drillhair… and is meant to be portrayed as a jerk.

Nothing special on the production front at all. This season’s been lousy for that anyway, so I guess that puts this in the upper echelon by comparison, but all it really excels at are backgrounds. The plot is as flimsy as wet cardboard as well. Kazuya stumbles across her and oops, now he’s her spineless lackey that does everything at her whim from carry her furniture to dance for her because he’s little more than a noisy doormat. Japan’s bad at mysteries anyway, but I still expected a little better from their introduction episode than a single paragraph of setup followed by a fairly inane solution. This is the first mystery, try to make it good at least. I fear for what that means for the inevitable middle time filler mysteries.

Overall, meh. This episode had little in the way of mystery or intrigue at all, and instead tried to be a grand olde character introduction, which doesn’t work because most of the characters are insufferable. Kazuya is a gigantic lead anchor that is keeping this show from being… probably average at best. Unsurprisingly, it tries to sell Victorique’s cuteness as a big factor and it sort of works, but again, a few seconds of that doesn’t make up for all of the irritation of the rest. I cannot see watching it just for her to be anything more than a masochistic endevor.


Murder on the high seas.

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20 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Jack says:

    Well, as a Bones slore, I’ll spin it up, but Jesus! Could her character design be anymore of a Rozen rip off? Maybe it’s just me…

  • sage says:

    Shinku is the best Gosick.

  • missingno. says:

    the animated art noveau stylings in the opening are kind of a neat idea, too bad it’s not done particularly well and is mostly just a lot of boring walk cycles and hair blowing in wind (with a generic song too!)

  • Anise_Punter says:

    On the dull side, not as dull as most of Madoka’s 1st ep though. Way less irritating than IS, so that’s a plus.

  • sss says:

    This is a Rozen Maiden Crossover?

  • Nanaya says:

    I see what you did here:

    …does everything at her whime…

    A combining of “whim,” “whine,” and “hime” referring to the protagonist’s motives, their cumulative actions and the role of the one commanding him; a kaleidoscope between motive and means. Brilliant, Aroduc, brilliant.

    That or a bad typo.

  • InvalidName says:

    Well, this wasn’t very good. Overall, I am disappointed. The beginning was needlessly different from how it should have been. I’m also missing a few details, like drill-hair’s assistants and Victorique’s pipe actually emitting smoke. Apart from that, well, this margin is too small to enumerate my complaints, but I shall give this show another chance. For Victorique.

  • fires says:

    well at least the next episode looks more entertaining.

  • alex says:

    Madoka was OK, this was better.
    Because that loli sounds like an old woman makes her even more cute.

  • Jack says:

    Having watched it now, I thought it was great. Picking this up for sure.

  • DoubleDango says:

    Could you please tell me how you make those thumbnails?

  • Mesousa says:

    Another show that has more male focus to steal the spotlight of the female lead.

    I really, really, really, really, really, really hate that.

  • Mesousa says:

    She sounds like an old woman?

    Um, okay, now that’s some desperate uniqueness.

    • Deiopea says:

      The thing that really ticked me off was the fact that apparently the protagonist always instinctively is intrigued by a shimmering light, making him run across thousands of stair treads at full speed.

      edit: wrong reply..

  • Ardit says:

    I share the blogger’s views on this title completely… The pretty backgrounds lured me into believing there would be some depth to this, but alas, they just worsened my disappointment.

  • Silver says:

    Spineless? Hmm… I don’t see that from him yet. I mean, he actually got upset and go up to the hair dude who was not giving proper credit to Victorique. Not only that, he even just got rid of all the stuff Victorique actually did not need for the trip even when she did not agree. However, I do agree that he should shut up more since he kept on whining.