Beelzebub #01 — Deja Vu

January 8th, 2011


I think I’m out of creativity for the day.

Sorry this is a little delayed, I may or may not have forgotten it existed. It’s Jump anyway. Who cares?


I’d make claims of being a prophet after the OVA, but when it comes to Jump, that’s not hard. This did in 22 minutes what the OVA took about 7 minutes to do, stretching out all extra available time by having Beelz randomly electrocute people and just random nonsense or Jump shouting thrown in, because if it’s funny once, it’s funny eight more times… leaving aside whether or not it was even funny the first time. All the extra shock therapy also makes the show about fourteen times more irritating because each one is accompanied by giant flashing lights and Beelz’s high pitched shriek. It’s an assault on just about every sense that Pierrot can hope to reach until they find a way to transmit the odor of burning hair through the internet.

I am actually a little bit pleasantly surprised that they didn’t just reuse scenes from the OVA, but also a bit confused by it. So they animated the same thing twice for no reason within a week of releases? Is Pierrot having delusions of being KyoAni? That aside, it’s just another Jump comedytm with none of the quick pacing that made the OVA kind of watchable. It’s back to repetitive jokes and padded out scenes because they’ve gotta do anything and everything from getting ahead of the source.

I will say this though, for what it is right now, it’s not horrible. Keep in mind that it is a Sunday morning cartoon shown alongside things like Pokemon, My Melody, and Pretty Cure. That sets expectations… low. It’s a gateway show for kids getting a little too old for Pokemon, but not quite sure what to do about the funny feelings they’re having lately about PreCure’s spats. Does that make the humor anything other than repetitive and juvenile, or anything else about this… well… good at all? Of course not. It lacks any draw to reach out beyond its target demographic; the creativity of Hayate (the first season), the production/writing of ZKC, or the Gurren Lagannness of Gurren Lagann (and I don’t even like mecha). But, bright lights and screaming children are like meth to kids already on their fourth bowl of Sugar Frosted Marshmallow Chocolate Sugar Os. It is what it is and it’s average at best at it.


The show struggles to reach the OVA’s midpoint.

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Nanaya says:

    Now with 68% less cleavage!

  • The Phantom says:

    Dropping this one, silly faces and lame jokes are not my thing, the plot is lame so is the action, also the little green baby annoys the hell out of me with that voice.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love Sugar Frosted Marshmallow Chocolate Sugar Os!

  • alex says:

    Saber has a new job ?

  • bk47 says:

    hate the baby but the protagonists looks ok
    if it goes somewere and does not take 600 ep to do so I will watch it
    for now there is noting in it for me but we will see how it goes

  • Kiseki says:

    Pokemon airs during prime time.

    So I find it strange that this is airs in the morning…

  • Wilfriback says:

    The baby is Zoro from OnePiece.