The Legend of the Legendary Heroes #23 — Puppy Dog Eyes

December 9th, 2010


Subtle lighting there, Zexcs.


I guess this episode was supposed to create a contrast of everybody living their happy lives before Sion betrayed Lyner and tried to kill him, but I’m pretty sure that they could have figured out a better way to do it than by having everybody go out of character and do schtick for Sion’s birthday party for 75% of the episode followed by an insert song and montage of fireworks. Even Miran was doing gag comedy. That was… unsettling. Also, people at parties in this show have traditionally been murdered. I think this is the first social get-together that didn’t end in some form of disembowelment.

Don’t get me wrong, the gags made this episode at least three or four times more entertaining than usual, but the whiplash here from changing atmospheres is a little staggering. Plus if they wanted to show Sion suddenly snapping and attacking Lyner after all that talk of "isn’t Roland super neato?" then they shouldn’t have had some kind of weird environmental jump. It was hard to even understand what was going on for a moment. No transition or anything. Just one moment they’re on the parapets, the next they’re in the courtyard. As it is, Sion’s overly plotty nature and the tone of the episode undercut that scene and make me think that it’s all for show instead of Sion finally actually trying to kill him. So there goes that contrast they were probably working for.


Just put him out of his misery already and rule the world with your harem, Lyner.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • john says:

    im just waiting for him to tap that hottie ferris we know he wants to and she wants it haha sion is a dickbag also

  • rey_as says:

    wait for lyner berserk at gastark using alpha fragment

  • The Phantom says:

    Hopefully this series will end in a bloodbath, come on lyner go berserk already and pwn moar random guys ^_^

  • Dan says:

    I recon alpha stigma has another form of manifestation so Rnyer can level up perhaps that will be a solver of all contracts stigma.

  • Nazarielle says:

    Even Miran was doing gag comedy. That was… unsettling.

    Unsettling or not, it was pretty hilarious.

  • Azure says:

    Ferris was surprisingly cute this episode.

  • insectsrule says:

    Why is everyone like: ” Wanna see the bloodbath ^_^ ” >_> this anime is all about Winnett Dango Shop and if you don’t get that then you’ve not caught the spirit of the show. >_>