My Little Whatever Can’t Finally Be Over #12 — Thank God

December 19th, 2010


I’m pretending like the DVD specials don’t exist.


You know what screams last episode? Introducing a new character and shoehorned drama that lasts all of 3 minutes. Literally "I’m going to America, wait, no I’m not." Thanks, AIC. You have successfully managed to keep this show bad to the very end. Kirino acts nice for a little bit, but actually is just trying to make Kyousuke go out in the middle of the night to buy her porn about sisters sniffing their brother’s underwear. Stay classy. Then the aforementioned drama in the world’s most soundproof room and bob’s your uncle.

Don’t forget Kuroneko calling Kirino at around midnight to ask for her head measurements either. I think AIC forgot how time works. That and they needed to cram in another 90 seconds of show and fulfill their weekly two minutes of phone conversation quota for the show. Then since it’s the last episode, the aforementioned drama and end with a montage. Great. Another completely soulless episode in the bag. And AIC runs off to the titty bar to do bourbon shots of a belly dancer named Bruno.

Final thoughts at the bottom.

Final Impressions:

This was a pretty awful show from start to finish. I’m not sure anymore if I made the right choice rejecting Arakawa for it. It rarely even got so bad that it was fun to mock and AIC clearly was not giving it any production attention either. Being poorly slapped together with barely mediocre direction and truly godawful music didn’t even make this a technically competent affair. Yes, I’m aware the musical director is like, on death’s door, but the point stands. Even if he composed bad techno for dramatic scenes, I’m putting the blame on everybody else for actually using it.

That just leaves the writing to carry it. Ha. A vapid set of cliches and nonsense if ever there was one. She’s a struggling fanfiction writer, now she’s the writer for a multimillion dollar anime, now we’re never going to mention any of it ever again. That doesn’t even touch on the characters either, who are so wooden and transparently cloying that the show is practically a character study in pandering and wish fulfillment. Even that would be forgivable if the characters were interesting or fun instead of mostly giant spineless amoebas and intolerable brats. The few characters that were standable were subjugated into the cheerleader squad for the brat without any actual reason.

I’ll never understand why anybody thinks highly of this. Probably pre-season emotional investment. The show is little more than poorly constructed pandering with few, if any, redeeming qualities. My only hope for this show is that if Overrun is any indication of show quality vs DVD special quality from AIC, these DVD specials are going to be masterpieces.

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32 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • sage says:

    This show gave me cancer.


  • Travis says:

    This show triggered my chronic pneumoconiosis.

  • Mesousa says:

    There ARE 3 episodes lef–(slap)

    I’ll shut up.

    Quoting Don East; “This anime SUCKS!”

  • Nanaya says:

    Now watch while the DVD specials are amazing and extremely well-made.

  • Chen says:

    This Bruno fellow seems to come up a lot. Makes you wonder…

  • Solaris says:

    So, in the end i didn’t get wether it ends with Kirino flying to America or not. If they changed it from the novels and Kirino doesn’t fly off, then pretty much everything happened, and what’s going to happen in the aforementioned specials will have no continuity left whatsoever…

  • Moogy says:

    This show gave me AIDS.

  • Di Gi Kazune says:

    I have no idea what people find wrong with this show. It pokes so much fun at the cliches that you, the crazed lolicon (insert any other extra adjectives applicable) otaku is.

    To use the kyotocrapimation fan’s terminology: This show has excellent production blahblah2, etc2 etc2 has azunyan etc2 etc2, like haruhi s1 etc2 as good as kanon etc2.

    • Aroduc says:

      Cognitive dissonance is a wonderful thing. “It can’t actually be this bad, it must really be a parody!”

      No clue in hell where you or anybody else is getting the idea that this show has ‘excellent production’ or is technically well made in any way whatsoever though. Its visual aesthetics are frankly completely ass. I think that people just think “character models are rarely off… AMAZING PRODUCTION!” Lack of mistakes does not equal excellence.

      • Mesousa says:

        Actually, AIC is a pretty good animation studio, it’s just that they end up making crap like this and shit like SnO.

      • anonymous says:

        Cause people have really shitty bland taste these days, which would be fine I suppose if people weren’t constantly trying to trumpet generic shows at me as “best of season” fare right off the fucking bat to the point where I have to say, “down boy” or at worst tell them to get a reality check and watch more shit.

      • alex says:

        “It can’t actually be this bad, it must really be a parody!”
        = Milky Holmes

    • Ymarsakar says:

      It is indeed a satire. But it’s not going to be something the younger demographics will get.

  • Kaisos says:

    It isn’t THAT bad.

  • The Phantom says:

    The plot about a beautiful girl that somehow liked porn about incest was so hard to believe that this show could only have worked as a comedy.

    But no they had to throw all that silly drama and give the girl such a bitchy personality that this became quickly unfun and annoying.

    Definitely not going to miss this one, just glad that is over and another one is coming.

  • kobester says:

    Don’t worry there’s gonna be a incest series agin next season.

    To top it off, it’s another long title. I think animation companies think long titles for shows are hits.

    At least the bill is passed, it means no more incest series for a while.

    • Aroduc says:

      Premise is only a tiny tiny part of the puzzle. It’s all in the execution. There’s a gulf of difference between a the same premise played straight and one played for gags. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Tarou’s obsessed mother and sister for example.
      That said, I’ve barely started paying attention to the new season since there are half a billion OVAs due out over the two week end-of-season break.

  • ~xxx says:

    I think I’ll try not to say that I had colds after watching the first 5 episodes and had a weak heart after what kuroneko have said in the 11th…

    Anyways, I think it’s not halfway bad at all.

  • momo says:

    This blog= Trollololol

  • alex says:

    this ep. was for teh lulz
    lol at fujoshi, mom watching anime and Kuroneko X mirror :)
    one of those epic bad episodes that turn out to be actually funny because they are so bad-especially the last 5 seconds were epic epic bad

  • thatredsky says:

    Lol what was with the “Hey wth are you doing here you’re supposed to make it look like I’m staying over at your house?”

    “Oh, I’m here to buy eroge for my sister. You too?”

    It was so bad that I LOL-ed throughout the episode. D;

  • Aex says:

    Aside from Kirino and Ayase being worthless, self-absorbed brats, this show wasn’t THAT bad. Kuroneko and Saori were fun and there were some funny moments, too bad they were mostly overshadowed by Kirino being the most insufferable tsundere of all time.

    I did enjoy how Kuroneko basically told Kirino she wants Kyousuke lol. Another reason it would’ve been better if Kirino was gone, no obstacles for Kuroneko-love!

  • Joel says:

    “I’ll never understand why anybody thinks highly of this.”

    It’s carefully and precisely engineered to appeal to moe-obsessed otaku in every way practically possible. It worked to perfection, which is unfortunate because it just makes the show that much worse to folk who don’t fit into that demographic.

  • I think I’ll try not to say that I had colds after watching the first 5 episodes and had a weak heart after what kuroneko have said in the 11th… Anyways, I think it’s not halfway bad at all.

  • cutemi2 says:

    the true route is out, but the ending is bad as Kirino is out of the picture.

  • cutemi2 says:

    Episode 13 is out and no sign for blogging this