My Little Sister Can’t Be This Transparent #11 — Obligatory Money Shot

December 12th, 2010


It’s like we’re really watching bad porn.


And here it is. The obligatory episode where Kirino blushes, stammers, and thanks Kyousuke for everything that she’s put him through. Designed to make everybody who doesn’t actually have a sister squeal with delight and clap their hands like mentally deficient harp seals while I die a little more inside. Nothing helps a scene like having the director practically sitting right there with his little puppet strings. Who needs consistency or sense when you can just wedge in some transparent attempts at the ‘money shot’ that was obvious from episode one, leaving a mess over most characters involved. And this had all the same level of writing, music, and direction as bad porn too. Actually, scratch that. I’m pretty sure porn soundtracks are generally more pleasant to listen to. They tend towards soothing percussion instead of blaring trumpets. Mmmmmmmm… light jazz.

It’s a good thing that they didn’t show Kirino being a completely spoiled and insufferable brat for half the episode too. That could have completely ruined it. She didn’t even live up to the level of Tarou’s family. Don’t leave porn of glasses girls all over your brother’s room when he brings a girl in glasses home, and especially if you’re going to accuse them of wanting to have sex. That’s just being a facilitator. I would say that Kuroneko trying to get a rise out of Kirino was the best part of the episode, but I actually laughed when Kyousuke was so touched by Kirino’s confession that he started bawling. Now that’s in character for him… because the biggest vagina in that room was the only one not in a skirt.

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  • sage says:

    I actually liked this ep ._.

  • anonymous says:

    Were you aware that the guy who does the music for this show is taking a break do to “poor health” or something like that. I see it as a blessing for the both of us. He gets to get better and the anime viewing world doesn’t have to suffer his generic synthesized music tracks anymore.

    Anyway this week I’m looking forward to seeing people throwing themselves down before this episode in revelation for the scene that was telegraphed from episode one, though I was starting to wonder for a moment if the writing staff was even competent enough to put two and two together that they ought to give the male character that nobody is watching the show for at least some return for his absurdly selflessness efforts. Though it’s played more as a character moment for Kirino then for Kyousuke obviously since again nobody is going to give a shit about the male character once this is all over and he’s mostly there to develop Kirino, scary as that seems.

    This is your big climax folks, enjoy it for what it’s worth. Anyway, forgettable show is almost over….

    • Kaisos says:

      While Kousaki’s tracks in this show might be kind of lame, you know nothing about music if you think the work he did for Haruhi and Bakemonogatari was bad.

      Seriously, some of the stuff he’s done is legendary.

    • Aroduc says:

      *shrug* Just reinforces the badness. And after complaining about Zenigata’s VAing in the last Lupin special before realizing that the guy has throat cancer, I’m pretty sure that I’m already going to hell.

  • Solaris says:

    Actually this shows is better like as a light hearted sis-bros love commedy than the ludicrous pampered pro-otaku propaganda from the first part of the show.

    Aside from that i still haven’t got why writers neglected two important scenes that were meanth to develop Kyousuke relashonship with both Kuroneko and (sort of) with Ayase…

    • anonymous says:

      You won’t hear any argument from me there, but now I’m wondering, what if it just makes like none of the breakthroughs she made in the episode ever happened and they go right back to her being a bitchy otaku propaganda tool the very next episode. You think anyone will notice? I’m pretty sure there’s a precedent for something like that too in Tsundere characters, I just can’t think of a specific example off the top of my head. Possibly Zero No Tsukaima or something in that vein…

      • Solaris says:

        Well i mean, it looked like this were a kind of a geshinken clone with sucky otaku chars at start, but it unexpectedly changed midway into a nice commedy about siscon romance, while keeping some otaku criticism as a background. I thought it was quite an improvement there.
        And for Kirino to go back to be the bitchy otaku propaganda tool soon i’d exclude that, as her role is quite different now.
        Furthermore i read the novel summaries elswere and that’s highly unlikely to happen, believe me. There would be other chars soon to introduce to do that, but i fear we’d hardly see them animated in the current season.

  • Mesousa says:

    Kyousuke didn’t look like the kind of person to cry.

    Nice surprise, I gotta admit.

    • alex says:

      “Kyousuke didn’t look like the kind of person to cry.”
      – I hope this is sarcasm :)

    • Ymarsakar says:

      There’s about 33% of the plotline missing since you don’t ever hear Kyousuke’s internal dialogue comments on what actually motivates him. The only thing the anime shows is his external behavior, not his internal motivations. One exception in the anime negotiation episode. You heard his real feelings about Kirino there when he voiced that mental comment.

      So episode 11 ends up with a weird product because up until now, there’s really been no analysis of what motivates Kyousuke internally compared to what motivates Kirino/Ayase/etc internally.

  • shiro says:

    Wait a minute..It’s just a family anime?
    Where’s my wincest?

  • Celestial says:

    yeeessssss world warrior OP

  • Anise_Punter says:

    Maid Saori and Maid Kirino are definitely pushing Index’s accursed spinmaid for “worst maid of the season”.

  • alex says:

    that was bad, it wasn’t so boring but it was just bad
    the receptionist was the best

  • Anonymous says:

    All this criticizing makes it sound like you people can do better if given the chance to make anime.

    • alex says:

      no, but doesn’t change the fact that the show is just bad – the thing is that it was praised as the best show

  • Hentai_Jp says:

    Aroduc I love your writing. :P

  • Malkuth says:

    Forget Kirino and her slutty friends, who spend their youth in magazines for geezers to jerk off on … Kuroneko and Manami owened again :p

    Oh! and excuse the language ;)

  • ~xxx says:

    Kuroneko is the best!!!