Maiden Demon Zakuro #12 — Worst Pokemon Trainers Ever

December 20th, 2010


At least the plan moved from rape to kill.


Best battle ever.

"We can’t hurt the enslaved foxes!"
"Let’s attack the slavers instead."
"Oh no! They’re attacking us! Run away!"

Has this never once come up before? I mean, you’re only an insane cult that enslaves demons and kidnaps/molests pregnant women. One would think a scenario like that would have come up at some point in the past. Or that the demons wouldn’t be freed the moment they dropped their little magical charms. I can only imagine some clumsy guy tripping and accidentally unleashing a host of pissed off fox demons. Meanwhile, the other antagonists are freeing the slaves and torching the village of slavers. I feel like they forgot a vital piece of the antagonist tapestry here. Maybe something like "And then I’m going to eat them all." As it is, the preview makes it seem like the big finale is them killing the spider for stealing their thunder. 

Ganryuu stole the show otherwise, saving his man Kei and going head to head with Byakuwhoever. He even got to deliver the critical line of "stop being stupid and unseal her power." It’s going to happen anyway. No anime has ever ended with a seal on someone’s power intact. Might as well get it over with now. They came dangerously close to being truly godawful with Omodaka’s mommy issues too. For a moment, it looked like Kei telling him that his mom loved him was going to solve all issues, but thankfully, the crazy took over and he decided to kill her after all. Frankly, that’s a better idea. I’m not sure that he thought this rape thing out to its logical conclusion. He’d have to rape her, perhaps multiple times, then take care of her for nine months, and that’s assuming a safe delivery in an era of midwives birthing babies using leeches to scare off goblins. And what if it’s a girl?! He’d have to start all over again!

*ahem* Anyway, the melodrama’s still pretty silly in the show and Omodaka makes a pretty awful villain since he keeps getting rewritten each episode, but at least it’s amusing to write about.


Nobody frees the slaves without my permission!

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  • Nanaya says:

    To be fair, every protagonist in every series ever never came up with the idea of attacking the slaver/master directly.

  • Yue says:

    After some while to recover my sanity, I’m glad my first post got moderated. ^_^

    • Aroduc says:

      I’m fairly sure that had less to do with moderation and more to do with posting too many links which automatically flags it as spam, and for some reason, I’ve been getting three times as much spam in the last few weeks, so a few false positives are just going to die.

      • Yue says:

        Oh, nice feature. Remembering not to link too much from now on.

        Whatever I posted mainly resulted from this episode dire lack of common sense and practicality (yes you Agemaki, Riken). My post is also darn lengthy (maybe 200 words) that I’m glad I couldn’t remember it now, like it’s a horrible dream sequence. ^_^