The World God Only Knows #08 — Environmentally Friendly

November 24th, 2010


It’s not Thursday, so why am I watching a show full of reused footage?

Side note. It looks like 07 (or whoever) is just going to be uploading a clip a day of gameplay PVs for Golden Reveries for the foreseeable future. I’m going to stop posting or noting anything about them unless something particularly interesting comes from one of them. You can see them here.


I’m starting to think that Manglobe made this show just to push CDs. Yet another crappy insert song and montage to cheapen an already cheap and recyclable episode. In theory, they could have been clever with the switching perspectives to tell the whole story. Instead, they just used it as an excuse to recycle animation constantly. Because if there’s nothing better than seeing a scene once, it’s seeing it twice… or better yet, three times. The entirety of the teaser part I was contained in part III, and most of it was in part IV as well. Sadly, LC’s bizarre baking montage may have actually been the highlight of the episode. Someone shoot me.

So yeah, a really bad and painfully obvious episode made to fill time, but since they could only think up about 8 minutes worth of content, they stretched it out for the whole shebang. LC bakes a cake, but leaves around some demon eggs that hatch and just proceed to run around. And that’s the episode. All the rest is the same tired jokes they’ve been using since episode one plus some T&A of Keima’s mother in the bath. Oh happy happy, joy. I did ‘enjoy’ how despite not one arc ago, Keima was carting a rickshaw with a girl up and down hills, but now cannot run for 10 seconds without having a heart attack, but I suppose complaining about character consistency in an episode that obviously had less thought put into it than your average episode of Jersey Shore would probably not serve a point. Better to forget it and pretend like it didn’t exist.


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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Tylon says:

    I pity his teacher…

    Next is Shiori. Yeah…

  • cubedice says:

    In soviet russia, lunch eats you.

    I think this was the most boring episode so far, even more than the episode with the bugged game.

  • Keith 'Azure Grimoire' Kurogane says:

    To paraphrase: “Dammit Manglobe.”
    Seriously, my hopes for this episode has been crushed, maimed, then flushed down the toilet.
    They better make the Shiori Arc an interesting one…
    …or I swear to god… I’ll hunt them down.

  • tabs05 says:

    All I can say is “One Hot Mama” makes up for the ep at least to some extent.That’s just me though…

  • sage says:

    Better to forget it and pretend like it didn’t exist.

    I’d never forget that those tits and dat ass exist.

  • Sabin says:

    This shit was painful to watch

  • Ransom says:


    When the hell did this become a musical!?

    -.- There where some descent parts but overall this was certainly painful to watch